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Gumamela 101

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8 months ago

When i was young or a little child/kid, i used to played this flower with my childhood friends, played as a doctor who treats my patients who happens to be my childhood friends, lol, had so many memories with this flower and can remembered it still and clearly, lol, how i wish i could turned back the time and be young or be a kid again.

Gumamela Is......

Gumamela's scientific name's Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis.

It's a Genus of flowering plants in the Mallow Family, a Malvaceae.

It's quite large, comprising several hundred species that are native to warm temperature, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world.

It's higher classification's Hibisceae.

It's rank's Genus.

It grows on USDA hardiness zones 9 through 11. A native to Southeast Asia.

Also called as Shoeflower-a tropical Hibiscus and the rose of China.

Also known as Rose Mallow 'coz it's part of the Mallow Family, Malvaceae, which means its cousins includes Okra, Cotton, and Cocoa.

It's flowers can be white, pink, red, yellow, peach and purple, we have here the purple flower which is shown and used or uploaded here.

It has more than 300 species of the plant worldwide.

It primarily grown as an ornamental plant, and the flowers and leaves have medicinal properties

It has a long life, with some lasting more than 50 years.

A fast-growing evergreen shrub with dark green and glossy leaves with dicot flowers. The leaves are oval in shape, and it measure between 3 inches to 4.2 inches long. The leaves edges often are slightly serrated. It arrange itselves in a spiral pattern and alternate around a long stalk.

It's cultivars vary in heights, spreads and flower color, growing as tall as 30 feet. Some are dwarf varieties and may only grow up to 2 feet tall. It can be trained and pruned to grow more like trees, including Bonsai.

In tropical climates, it will stay green year-round, while in colder climates, it will freeze to the ground.

It's flower has both Male(Stamen) and Female(Ovary) parts.

It blooms from 24-48 hours year-round and that explains why it doesn't last long, i mean, the one that My Mother planted here, lol

Sunnier conditions yield more flowers, while shaded conditions produce more leaves.

                       Uses of Gumamela

Young Gumamela or Hibiscus can be used as a Spinach substitute as it contains trace amounts of Phosphorus, Thiamine, Niacin, Ascorbic Acid and Calcium, it also yields Flavonoids, Anthocyanins and Polyphenols.

It can be used as a Tea.

It can be included to a Dish like Curries and Soups.

It can be used to make Jams or Jellies and even Perfume.

It's used to shine shoes in China.

Can also be used as hair dye and on eyebrows too.

Can be used as an alternative medicine.

Also used for wound healing.

It's also used to treat Swelling and Boils.

It can be an antidote for Poison.

It was used with Compression stockings to close Ulcers with good results.

Can be used to encourage Hair growth.

It's useful in treating Tuberculosis.

Can also be used in Childbirth to ease the pain of labor.

It has potential as an Anti-Tumor and Anti-Cancer treatment.

   Gumamela's Roots can treat the following:

Venereal Disease




Can be made as Eye drops to treat Sore Eyes

 Gumamela's Flowers can treat the following:

An expectorant for Bronchitis

Treating and Healing the Skin

An Antiseptic





Bladder Infections

An Antimicrobial


An Antidepressant

Cracked Feet

Blood Pressure



As a Diuretic

 Gumamela's Leaves can treat the following:





As an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

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Written by   513
8 months ago
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