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Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on Roads of Dubai

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1 year ago

If you do not have any idea of Dubai road’s struggling traffic, then his blog might be a useful and interesting for you. And for sure reading this will help you in yours future Dubai travelling trip. Everyone knows that Dubai is like magnet for all luxury shopping lovers, astonishing architecture explorers. It is a large city with the 21 percent of congestion level of traffic. Which makes Dubai’s Road more dangerous and if you are outside at their rush hours which is 6 :30 a.m. to 8: 30a.m., and 5:20mp.m. to 8: 30 p.m.                     9.--99

Along with this, if you driving on the Dubai’s Road there are some adjustments that you will need in your driving style. If you do not have any experience with heavy and busy roads, then best safe driver is sharing some tips that you must keep in mind while driving.


When you are driving on the Dubai’s Road, make sure to maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles on the road. By doing this you are allowing the space for emergency breaks and the speed adjustments. And this will keep everyone safe as everyone gets enough time to manage their cars in sudden situations.


In Dubai it is very normal to see sports car on the road, driving with very high speed. But it will take anyone in dangerous situation, if driver cannot be able to handle high and normal speed fluctuations. So, being a safe driver Dubai always obey the rules by limiting your car speed.


Never ever go near to the trucks. It is a clever idea to avoid them while driving on the roads of Dubai. As trucks are very heavy, produces large amount of smoke and it becomes very difficult to tackle them. As we know that lorries and trucks carry huge loads, if you get Infront or beside them, they cannot able to slow down quickly. Which leads to fatal accidents, so try your best to keep acknowledgeable distance from different vehicles.


After the main one hazard that we have discuss before (trucks), a safe driver of Dubai should be aware of other hazard which can cause a huge disaster. One of the hazards that should discuss here is animal passing through the roads. When driving in Dubai one must be alert of camels and goats passing. A little distraction while driving can cost a lot.

It is better to use hazard light in situations like these to warn others behind you about the hazard, o that they can slow down. It can help both of you from getting into an accident. 


It is an obvious that if you know the route it will be easier and safer to travel around. A driver who has learned the route correctly and who is familiar with the road situation of the particular area, where you are destinate to, can provide you peaceful ride.


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1 year ago
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