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Emotional Attachment

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9 months ago
Nature conspires so that your emotions heal and we learn to be happ

Today I woke up before five in the morning, having gone to bed early last night caused me to open my eyes early. I don't mind waking up early at all unless it's because of a sleep interruption by someone else. At that point I think I would be able to spend the whole day grumpy.

My husband was supposed to get gas, the situation is getting more and more irritating, having to get up early to get gas doesn't please anyone. In addition to all the hassle, there is the fact of not having a fueling space, in my husband's case it was like that, he does not have an active fueling space and it was my turn to reach out to him.

In spite of the circumstances I try not to be affected by these things, whether or not we have to fill up with gas, it is not worth ruining the day by repeating the same actions over and over again.

With this experience of the day it is important to talk about emotional attachment. Life is and will be full of circumstances, sometimes easy to solve, sometimes more difficult. But, human beings tend to think that we will always be in the good ones, we may wish, but it will never be as we want it to be, but as God wills. Life is full of ups and downs, of joys and sorrows, of calm and uneasiness.

We know then that with all these things with which we must live every day, it is not worthwhile to get hooked. Neither with the good, nor with the not-so-good, should we get hooked. Everything in life is a transit.

I prepared my husband from those early hours of the morning, he is already tired and it is understandable, but the only one who will be harmed will be him if he continues to act in the same way as he does. Thank God, he listens to my suggestions.

We arrived at the gas station at a quarter past five in the morning and left at ten past six. The time did not take long, as we waited, we chatted with other people, laughed and told anecdotes in a matter of minutes. There was at that moment another reflection on emotional attachment, why complain and stay in the complaint, is it really worth it?

At ten past six I continued my route to the mountain, my husband left me near where I start walking, he continued to work.

I covered 15 kilometers this morning. I felt energized from the moment I woke up. I did the route in two hours. The ascent hit a little bit, I felt that I didn't want to continue the way but at the same time I encouraged myself, I repeated over and over again "si se puede" (yes, it can be done). If in earlier hours I was talking about not getting hooked then, this also applies to what I usually do every day, I should not get hooked on complaining about tiredness.

I kept going until I reached the finish line, when I reached the end of the summit I met some friends, they arrived before me and stayed resting. With them I joined the conversation. It was a good gathering of the four women, each one struggling with mixed feelings and seeking refuge in that space where one can freely cry out pains and sorrows.

Once again I was able to intervene to exhort my friends to move forward. Things happen for a reason and we must accept what comes our way. Repeating the theme of emotional attachment, today was the day to address the issue and internalize the must be of each person.

Thank you God for all the gifts of the day.

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Written by   25
9 months ago
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