The Seeds of Chaos: Prologue

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Prologue: Chaos


In the dark sky above a nameless snow-capped mountain, a crack suddenly appeared without being noticed by anyone. And from the crack, a sphere-like object emitting soft golden light came out and flew towards the direction of a small river with incredible speed and disappeared into the darkness.

Several seconds later, the crack in the sky disappeared as well, leaving not a single trace behind.

As this event was not witnessed by anyone, it did not cause any commotion among the small populace of the region.

When morning arrived, a small figure of a skinny girl with long silver hair carrying a wooden bucket could be seen walking towards the small river.

The girl in question was less than 5 feet tall, skinny and seemed to be aged 13-15 years old. She has big black eyes that are full of innocence and a small cute nose but her most noticeable feature was her long silver hair tied in a braid that reaches her waist. She’s wearing a long greyish dress with long sleeves and a faded but clean apron.

At a glance she looks like an average-looking girl but if you one looks closely, one would notice that she has good facial features and could be considered pretty. Unfortunately, her skin has a sallow look to it that made her look unhealthy. And judging by her skinny figure, it’s easy to see that she was greatly undernourished.

The girl’s name is Rennel and she lived in a nearby village not too far away from the snow-capped mountain.

“It’s getting colder.” Rennel murmured to herself as she rubbed her hands together.

Rennel looked at the grey and gloomy sky and a frown appear on her sickly-looking face. From the looks of it, it won’t be long before snow started falling.

“It seemed that this time’s winter is going to be especially harsh…”

Rennel picked up the wooden bucket she had put down earlier and started walking towards the shallow river. She needed to fetch water quickly or her aunt would scold her again.

The river was a bit away from her village, needing a minimum of 20 minutes walking to get there and another 20 minutes to go back. As the only water source in the area, the small river plays a vital role in the villagers’ survival.

After several minutes of walking, Rennel noticed a mysterious white object not too far away from her.

“Eh? What’s that?”

Rennel dropped the wooden bucket she’s carrying and ran towards the white object that was on the ground. The girl stopped a few feet away from the mysterious white object and stared at it with her big eyes.

“What manner of creature is it?”

The girl’s eyes were full of curiosity. The mysterious white object was not an object at all but a small, unfamiliar animal.

Rennel reached for a twig and carefully poked the mysterious creature that did not react at her arrival.

“Is it dead?” Rennel asked herself as she continues to poke on the creature. “I wonder if it could be eaten. It’s so small so there’s probably not much meat in it…” She thought.

“How rude.”

Rennel stopped poking the mysterious white animal and stood in alert. She looked around her but saw no one.

“Did I mishear it? I’m quite certain that I heard a voice just now.” Rennel scratched the back of her head in confusion. She’s quite certain that she’d heard a voice but seeing there’s no other person around, she concluded that she might have simply misheard.

“Where are you looking at, girl? I’m down here.”

Rennel almost jumped in fright after hearing the voice again. She quickly looked down and saw a fair of big golden eyes staring at her.

It was the mysterious white creature.

The village girl and the mysterious white creature stared at each other for some time. Several seconds later, the first one to react was the girl, Rennel. “You’re alive!” She blurted out.

“I was never dead to begin with.” The mysterious white creature replied sarcastically. “Don’t go killing others off so easily.” It added.

“You can speak too!” The village girl pointed after a few seconds of silence.

“…I see that you’re not very bright too.” The mysterious white creature replied sounding slightly exasperated.

The mysterious white creature looked at the girl in front of it with a bit of annoyance. Although it was not really angry, it’s not pleased either. And who can’t blame it? It was just lying on the cold ground minding its own business when a rude human girl approaches and started poking it with a twig. If that’s not bad enough, she presumed that it was dead and even planned on bringing it back to be eaten!

“So do you plan to just stand there as a statue? Are you not going to say anything?” The mysterious white creature scolded.

I, um… I’m Rennel. I lived at a village near the foot of the mountain over there.” The girl quickly introduced and pointed at the snow-capped mountain in the distant.

Rennel didn’t know why she introduced herself to a stranger, no to a mysterious animal she’d never seen before. It was as if there was some sort of power that compels her to do so.

“Chaos.” The mysterious white creature replied with its name.

The girl tilted her head slightly to the side, looking really puzzled. “Chaos? Is that your name?” She asked.

“Not necessarily. That’s just the name given to me by those who knew me. My true name’s too complicated for most people to comprehend.” The mysterious creature stood on its hind legs and crossed its arms (front legs) like a person.

So cute! Rennel’s eyes turn into hearts seeing the mysterious white creature, Chaos’ adorable and almost human-like action. Unable to control herself, the fearless village girl picked up the small creature and rubs her checks on it.

Chaos struggled and put its paws on the girls check in an attempt to protect itself from the girl’s assault (?). “What do you think you’re doing, human?! Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with?”

The mysterious white creature, Chaos tried to wrestle out of the village girl’s embrace but Rennel proved to be quite persistent. Although Chaos could forcefully push the girl away, it could not do so as it might accidentally hurt the girl in the process.

Left with little choice, Chaos could only grunt with annoyance as it waited for the girl to stop. Several minutes later, the girl, Rennel, finally had enough and let go of the bedraggled creature.

“Seriously, you…” Chaos looked at Rennel with stern eyes after escaping the girl’s grasp. He’s quite speechless by the girl’s action. If those people familiar with its background knew what the girl did to it, they might start worshipping the girl as their idol!

Rennel on the other hand was quite embarrassed after calming down, and could only let out shallow laughs after being stared at by Chao’s blaming and stern eyes.

“S,Sorry…” The girl started while lowering her head.

Sigh. “Forget it. Just bring me to your home.”

Despite his annoyance, the mysterious creature, Chaos, decided to let the matter go. Anyway, the girl has no ill-intent and simply reacted like how girls usually react after seeing adorable small animals. Due to some matter that it doesn’t feel like explaining, Chaos was in its current form and could not really blame the girl (or anyone else in that matter) for reacting like that.

“You want to come with back to the village?” Rennel was surprised to hear what Chaos’ said. She thought that the mysterious creature would stay away from her after what she did. It unexpectedly wants to go with back with her!

“Yes. I might not look it but I’m injured and needed to recuperate. Although I could just stay here to recuperate since no one can actually harm me, it would still be annoying if some beast, or other people came to pester me.” Chaos explained. “So how about it? Will you allow me to recuperate at your place?” It asked.


Rennel didn’t even need to think twice before agreeing to Chaos’ request. The girl couldn’t really explain it… But she felt really comfortable around the mysterious creature. Although she might get into trouble with her aunt and uncle by bringing a “pet” home, Rennel still felt like she had to do it.

With a huge smile on her face, Rennel extend her hand towards Chaos.

And that’s how Chaos, the mysterious white creature and Rennel, the ordinary village girl met for the very first time. Unbeknownst to Rennel, her meeting with the mysterious creature, Chaos, would change her fate forever – for she had been chosen to be a “seed” of Chaos.


End of Prologue

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