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Seeds of Chaos: Chapter 62 (A True Clash of the Titans)

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 Chapter 62

The Rommel Plain boasts one of the largest pieces of flat land in the Holymark Region. Such large piece of flat land should be a very popular choice for a settlement. Unfortunately, this vast piece of land is barren and therefore unsuitable for farming making it unpopular instead. Despite such a major flaw though, Rommel plain is still home to a diverse group of beast and monsters.

In usual days, Rommel Plain would be devoid of people with the exception of adventurers who use the place as a training ground of sorts. Currently though, this unpopular place is filled with all manners of people from various races and organizations watching the ongoing battle between two powerful beings with great anticipation from a safe distance.

That said what these people are doing could be considered very foolish, not to mention very dangerous. With how powerful the two beings fighting are; the shockwaves from their exchange of blows alone could kill anyone unlucky enough to be hit. But considering what is at stakes in this battle, it’s understandable that many are willing to put themselves in danger,


Two fist, one as large as a small mountain while the other the size of an average-sized human male collided in what could be considered an apocalyptic exchange. Although the size difference between combatants is like heaven and earth, the smaller combatant is in by no way in a disadvantage.

However, none of the people watching is surprised by this at all. And that’s to be expected. After all, none of the combatants are human. No. Far from it – the huge combatant is a being known as a titan – a man-made abomination created to kill dragons!

The other combatant is no less impressive than the titan. One could even argue that he’s more impressive which is unsurprising considering that he’s the avatar of a foreign god!

Both combatants are beings so powerful that they could destroy the world’s civilization on their own. Fortunately for the world and its inhabitants, only one of the two overly powerful combatants has bad intentions. One of them, the Titan Andes, wanted to destroy the avatar of the foreign god to ensure the continued existence of the word and those that inhabits it.

The other one, the avatar of the god Tehran, has unknown intentions but considering how he tried to deceive the world’s inhabitant, his intentions couldn’t possibly be good. Worse still, god Tehran is just one of the three foreign gods (formerly four) with unknown designs for the world.

Outside of the planet, in outer space, two gods are trying to descend through their respective avatars with the help from a dastardly organization known as the Sect of the Void. And unfortunately, it’s no longer a matter if they will succeed by when they will succeed.

As someone with their own agenda, the Sect of the Void had mastered the method of creating a vessel capable of holding the power of the gods. After all, they too used to have a god – the god of the void, whose sole purpose was to consume the entire world from the inside. And considering that the god of the void was far more powerful than the god Tehran and his cohorts, creating vessels for the “weaker” gods pose little challenge to them in comparison to creating a vessel for the god of the void.

“You should have never interfered, titan,” said the god Tehran after the two exchanged attacks. “You could have lived longer that way.”

The titan, Andes stared at its opponent floating several hundred feet away from it, and spoke in a booming voice. “Your words are as empty as your promises, foreign god. Life or death means nothing to a titan like me. Our kind exists only for the sole purpose of protecting the world from threats like you,” Andes countered.

Hearing Andes’ words, god Tehran sneered. “I’m an administrator of this world so how am I a threat? He questioned.

“…Administrator? You still dare to call yourself that? Just how shameless can you foreign gods get?” Titan Andes shots back mockingly. “You’re kind had been leeching off from the world and its inhabitants for eons without doing a single thing. Should I remind you how you foreign gods created your own religion just so you could leech off your believers’ beliefs and strengthened yourselves?”

The words of the titan greatly shocked the people listening – even those watching the battle using magic artifacts were no exception. It never crossed their minds that they would be able to learn of such an important secret by just watching two powerful beings duke it out.

Of course the ones that are most affected are the devote believers of the four churches. The fates of the believers of the four gods have long been shaken after Titan Andes revealed the truth not too long ago. But as they had given everything to the four churches, many still refuses to forsake their religion despite knowing the truth.

In truth, many devote believers are still hoping that everything will turn out will for their religion, and that the titan was just spouting nonsense. But the titan’s last words and their god’s reaction shattered that faint hope to pieces.

“Silence you cur!” God Tehran shouted angrily after the titan revealed the purpose of the four gods’ religion. “What’s wrong with gathering fates to strengthen ourselves? Every known god in existence is doing it!”

“Yes. It should be a normal thing among gods. It’s because we understood this that we titans turned a blind eye to your previous actions. Even when you and your cohorts were making the lives of this world’s inhabitants into a living hell, we still choses to look the other way,” Titan Andes exposes, resentment ever present in its booming voice.

“And yet when the world needed you the most, you turn your backs on us!”

Despite being an artificially created being, Titan Andes was showing emotions that were beyond its programming. The titan’s love for the world and the inhabitant that created it was as plain as day. If the titan claims that no one loves the world as much as it did, no one would dare doubt it.


Majority of the people watching felt touched after hearing the words of the titan that was filled with love for the world and its inhabitants. Even those from the four churches religion could not help but let out sighs of frustration, and even remorse.

God Tehran on the other hand felt none of that. Right now he’s brewing with rage and regret. He really should have never spoken with the titan. The more the titan spoke, the more of their secrets are revealed. If the titan was allowed to speak more, who knows how many of their believers would remain?

“I should just silence this lump of stones for good,” thought god Tehran as his killing intent boils.

Invisible energy started gathering on the avatar’s clenched fist. To destroy the titan, he must stop holding back. Although he and the titan seemed equally powerful, the avatar of the god Tehran was actually more powerful even in his current state.

That said there’s actually a reason why god Tehran was hesitant to use his avatar’s full power. And it has something to do with the will of the world.

As an exiled god, god Tehran was not allowed to descend through any method. Because if he did; the will of the world would crush his avatar – destroying a piece of his soul in the process. The only reason he could descend into the world was through the help of the Sect of the Void.

The Sect of the Void had studied and experimented using the lives of their members throughout the centuries just so they could craft the best vessel that could contain a small piece of the god of the void’s soul. As an organization filled with crazy people, most of the members of the sect have no respect for their own lives. As long as they could allow their gods to descend, they won’t care even if they sacrifice many of their members. Of course this applies to the lives of innocent civilians as well.

God Tehran’s eyes turned sinister as he releases more of his power. Everyone present could feel that his power is increasing, turning their expressions grim. Moreover, his increase in power was also affecting the surrounding as the once blue and clear sky is now churning with dark clouds.

Knowing that it would be bad if it allowed the avatar to continue; Titan Andes send a horrifyingly powerful punch towards the god Tehran. From the avatar’s point of view, it seemed like a huge mountain was being hurl his way.

However, no fear could be seen in the avatar’s sinister-looking eyes. Moreover, instead of dodging the punch, god Tehran took on head on!

With a roar, three pairs of black, wing-like spikes sprout out of the avatar’s back. He then clenched his fist and punched the mountain-like fist barreling towards him!


Shockwaves, much stronger than the earlier ones spread out, destroying everything it hits. Rocks, and soil, and even what little vegetation that had grown in the barren field were uprooted and destroyed by the shockwaves created by the clash between two titanic foes.

Even the people watching from a relatively safe distance were also bombarded by the shockwaves. Thankfully, the ones that managed to reach their position had already been weakened greatly. Despite being weakened though, the shockwaves still injured several unlucky people.

After everything settled, people looked on and were shock by what they saw – Titan Andes, who was the equal of the avatar of the god Tehran in term of power, was actually pushed back!

“How is that possible?” People thought with flabbergasted look on their faces.

In the earlier encounter, the Titan Andes and the avatar of the god Tehran were basically equal. Even if the avatar seemed to be a little stronger, the difference was barely noticeable. But after hose strange, wing-like spikes appeared on the avatar’s back, his power exploded!

“How powerful… As expected of a god. Even though you’re a scum that make and break promises as easily as you breathes, you’re still a god,” Titan Andes praises. “But if you think that you’ve defeated me then you’re sorely mistaken!”


Titan Andes charges at the avatar with its mountain-like body, throwing punches as it goes. Seeing this, god Tehran snorted and countered every one of the punches with his own. Their exchange was so catastrophic and terrifying that heart of the people watching was pounding.

“Such horrific battle… and to think that there’s still two more gods and titans that has yet to appear,” commented one of the observers.

“You’re right. And isn’t this dangerous? What if the world suddenly collapses because of the two of them?”

The observers shuddered after such a thought appeared on their minds. Even though it sounded absurd, the feel watching felt like if it was this two then they might just be able to do it.


“So this is the power of god and a titan. Truly terrifying…,” Pina commented as she observes the battle aboard an airship. “I wonder if the battle between Rennel’s teacher, and the avatar of the god of the void was as terrifying.”

“I think it’s more terrifying. Although we only saw glimpses of it as we’re trying to escape with our lives back then, I still remember clearly that the sight was like the end of the world. Besides, Chaos and the god of the void are more powerful than Titan Andes and the god Tehran.”

Pina turned her eyes towards Miranda and nodded her head in agreement. That fight was indeed a terrifying sight that’s akin to the apocalypse. It’s just unfortunate that they couldn’t observe that fight like what they’re doing right now due to their situation that day and the place where the fight was happening. It was exactly for that very reason that the girl didn’t feel like it was as impressive as the fight between Titan Andes and the god Tehran.

“Still… it’s strange…,” Miranda said with a grim expression on her face.

“Strange? What do you mean by 'strange'?” Pina asked after hearing the black-haired girl’s words.

Pina stared at her senior and waited for her reply but the one who answered her question was her teacher, the Sorceress Cassandra.

“She found it strange that the will of the world showed no reaction despite the fact that the avatar of the god Tehran had unleashed his true power,” she explained.

Upon hearing her teacher’s explanation, Pina suddenly realized that they were right. Since the god Tehran was using his full power, why is there no reaction from the will of the world? Shouldn’t the avatar of the god Tehran be turning to ash by now?

“How could it be like this? Pina questioned with a worried expression on her face.

As someone that’s been forbidden entry into the world, god Tehran would be quickly vanished once discovered. So before the battle begun, the original plan was to force the avatar to use his full power so that he would be discovered by the will of the world.

The reason they need to do such a troublesome thing was because the will of the world failed to discover that one of the foreign gods it exiled secretly entered the world through an avatar. Even when the sorceress communicated with the will of the world, the foreign god could still not be found. It was as if there’s a veil that’s hiding the presence of the god Tehran from the will of the world. Fortunately, a method was device to destroy that veil.

“The Sect of the Void… Did they found a method to cover up that flaw?” Rennel whispered her question softly.

“Probably… But even that should have its limit,” answered the sorceress while observing the ongoing battle that’s growing more ferocious as time goes by. “If my guess is correct, Andes should have found a way to counter it.”



To be continued

Image Source: Pixabay

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