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India’s first vegan hostel now accepts Bitcoin Cash

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2 weeks ago

Freedom has always been a big part of why we do what we do. In the world that we live in, you have a lot of people who talk about freedom but very few who know where the issue lies and how we can create a more free and loving society.

The concept of sustainability helps us understand which systems take more from the planet than what they give back. As we learned more about the world that we live in, we also came across many ideas on better ways to organize society and create a fair and sustainable economic system. Blockchain technology and bitcoin cash seem to hold the key to the future of the economic system. We would like to do our bit and be a part of this transition.

Our story starts here -

Our journey to create India’s first vegan hostel started in 2017 with the launch of our non-profit BeAnimal. We started BeAnimal to create awareness in society about the challenges that await us from an environmental and societal point of view. We felt that the education system did very little to discuss these issues and that information was purposely suppressed to maintain the status quo – which is basically that human beings are superior to all other beings on the planet and follow a system of thinking that promotes short term profit over the health of the planet.

We have little to no control over the decisions that other people make but we feel that we must share the information that we have with the world. We are currently working on a series called BeAnimal Explains which is an encyclopedia of sustainability and modern life. The first volume focuses on mental & physical health, food, nutrition, and happiness.

My girlfriend, Vanessa, and I had just moved to India from Europe after completing our architecture degrees. We had never planned to start a hostel at this point or even work in the tourism industry.

At first, we were doing projects related to environmental education – traveling and teaching as much as we could. Later this morphed into us bringing groups of college students and young working professionals from Europe and all over the world to India as part of our BeAnimal Tours. Our goal was to help them get in touch with themselves and the planet that we are a part of. Then in early 2020, we started the BeAnimal Hostel in Bangalore. It’s the first vegan hostel in India. The atmosphere within the hostel is light, vibrant, and filled with energy, yet peaceful and calm at the same time. Bangalore is a huge metropolis of over 11 million people. Our goal was to create a space where the environmental and vegan communities from all over the world can come together and share ideas. Our hostel has been open for a little over a year now and we have hosted some amazing people from all over the world.

Most of our 2020 were spent in lockdown just like many other parts of the world and even when we felt like giving up we just kept going. Introducing Bitcoin cash and other cryptos as a mode of payment will greatly help us navigate through whatever economic challenges await us in the future. We are excited for this new step towards freedom, privacy, and the future of money.



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Written by   2
2 weeks ago
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Any plans to expand to a broader cryptocurrency market or are you staying BCH specific for extended reasons?

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1 week ago

It seems strange that you would talk about sustainability but then you'd choose to use cryptocurrencies which have an absolutely devastating environmental impact due to the enormous amounts of energy they waste to form consensus. Congratulations on making the world worse to make a quick buck.

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2 weeks ago