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The 14th Anniverary Of The Bitcoin Cash Whitepaper

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3 months ago

P2P Cash is alive with Bitcoin Cash.

We celebrate the date of the release of the whitepaper, October 31st, 2008.

The whitepaper, by Satoshi Nakamoto, that describes Bitcoin Cash.

The Whitepaper

This is what we believe.

The whitepaper Bitcoin revolution is sustained today with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and vision.

The Bitcoin whitepaper explicates Bitcoin Cash.

BTC no longer has any of the goals the whitepaper suggests.

Bitcoin Cash works perfectly as a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash.

All of us that use Bitcoin Cash know it allows online payments to be sent P2P without going through any financial institution.

We can keep reading the paper and discover how much from it the BTC community diverted, and how closer to the cause is Bitcoin Cash.

Satoshi Nakamoto explains with details how the transaction cost is increased with meditation and how his purpose was to limit the cost of transactions.

Without mentioning the term transaction fees, Satoshi evangelized a network out of control of third parties with fees that would be too low to even mention in a transaction.

Satoshi may or may not be alive, we might never find out. He dreamed of a digital currency to compete with the financial institutions and all those that found the idea interesting were gathered together to make it happen.

Internet money, not internet gold or a commodity.

Bitcoin Cash is the Bitcoin Satoshi describes

The fanfare we observe each November about the whitepaper with maximalists mentioning it is comical. With much difficulty they will only write one small sentence about it and move on like it never happened.

The outrageous claims of this group even asked for the Bitcoin whitepaper to change with Cobra proposing in 2016 amendments to the Bitcoin paper.

What many think they know is made up by the powers that destroyed Bitcoin as P2P cash and did not allow it to be united against the common enemy, the central banks.

This enemy is powerful enough to buy off devs, threaten and discourage honest community members, and alter the course of history in the making.

Bitcoin Cash increased the size of the blocks which was necessary as Bitcoin was expanding.

The scaling capabilities of Bitcoin Cash make it a ready option for worldwide adoption. We have a network ready and adoption reach will increase.

Reality is harsh. The bags are heavy when so many can't accept they were deceived.

Oblivious Bitcoin investors and traders command the narrative these days. Some seeming shocked and angry when told that BTC has nothing really to do with the whitepaper. The BTC brainwashing should be easy to locate and cancel, but there's too many in crypto displaying an arrogant contempt for the reality they don't want to face.

14 years later only Bitcoin Cash is embodying the shape and ramifications of Bitcoin's whitepaper.

Bitcoin Cash believes in the whitepaper. A paper Blockstream does not deserve.

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Written by   14
3 months ago
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Why do we need bitcoin not to be centralized? and it is a fastest digital currency in the market.

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3 months ago

A centralized cryptocurrency can be shut down. Decentralized can't, it is a force that can't be stopped.

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3 months ago