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4 years ago


Never thought that I will be consistently doing something till today. Yes, most of the things I will do a while and give up after while. Lol

But when I get into crypto world by steemit few years ago, I really see that this thing can let me to earn more and crypto is never end and you will beneficial it forever because we are in digital world.

Since 2016, I been in crypto world until today. Although I been stop to earning crypto in a while, but now I am back to full force as I saw more potential and this maybe will be my main income in the future, who knows right?

From steemit, and after this now we are in new era and changing to Hive and driven by the whole community itself and this is the best part as we monitor our blockchain together without any centralized thing.

Because hive and steemit, this year I slowly doing trading which is I never thought I can have this opportunity. When the two months lockdown happened, I have the time to start trading and see the potential in it.

Yes, I started from spot trading and now slowly I will try out future trading.

All this I need thanks to the support of Hive Malaysia team as we are together grow this community and reach out to other people so they are knowing this opportunity too.

Thanks again to #hivemalaysia #teammalaysia

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