Binance savings, another great option

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If you are having spare crypto and do not know what to do, and maybe you wanted just out aside and hodl, besides to put it on exchange to wait for your desire price to hit, there is another option in Binance.

Yes. This is call Savings. Other than staking your crypto, I believe savings also a great option. Although the percentage is small, but why not right?

This is my savings for one week plus. Yes, for 100USDT is hard for you to see the big amount of interest. But imagine you have 1000usdt and more, I believe you can see the big return coming in.

Other than USDT, there are various savings you can do, from BTC, ETH and many more.

If you have binance account, do check out their savings tab and do more research. Happy saving.

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stable coin put to celsius can earn higher interest, but small player like us , to transfer also cost u USD5 already , maybe not worth also

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3 years ago

Ya.. if like that really not worth it

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3 years ago