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1 year ago

Hello guys,

I had to make the decision to rebrand our project from “” to “” due to the fact that Keith Patrick had unexpectedly left the project. Despite my numerous pleas Keith had refused to complete his part of the job (listing on exchange, promotions and other staff that was promised in flipstarter campaign) and unexpectedly blocked the website(he controls domain) as well as deleting conversation history in Telegram.

Keith controls 25% of FMT tokens and domain name

From my side I love the project because I’ve put hundreds of hours into building it and I’m determined to make it work!

Therefore I'm going to place the entire platform on the New “Sponsors.Cash" domain, all of the user accounts and data will be saved.

Also new token SCT (Sponsors Cash Token) will be created that will be airdropped to all initial investors (holders of FMT) in 1:1 ratio (in July 1, 2021). FMT tokens will not be used on “Sponsors.Cash".

I am also going to build a new team that would be dedicated to the project to turn it into a global crowdfunding project.

I hope for Your support!

You can contact me:

Our Telegram group:


Platform website:

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