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Why do I exist

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9 months ago

I was also asked that question a couple of days ago, being me.

I don't know what I am doing here, or why I should exist, but it doesn't matter because I do and well, that's it.

You might think this is bullshit but it's not, you can be anything you want, no matter how big or small your goal is.

You should always follow what you really desire because if you don't, some other guy will.

No matter what it is you're doing, you should give it a try.

You have to understand that failure is not an option but a fucking lesson.

If you decide to give up just remember it will be because of you, no one else.

The real heroes are not the ones who never fail but the ones who overcome their failures and continue to live their lives as they are meant to be.

What gives my life meaning is traveling. When I travel I see that life is beautiful and so is nature. I love looking at the horizon. I feel great when I wake up in the morning knowing that today I get to travel.

I am Bane and I travel around the globe. I want to help you on your journey and I hope that you will accept the help.

I have been doing this for a long time and I have traveled to many beautiful places and met many wonderful people.

I believe that everyone has their own purpose in life. Some of you will fulfill your purpose and some of you already have.

If you haven't fulfilled your purpose yet, keep looking for it until you find it. My purpose is to tell you others' stories and to motivate you to travel and find your own purpose.

I know that many people feel like their life is worthless but if you are among them and you are reading this, I want you to know that your life has worth and you are the one to give meaning to your life.

You can give meaning to your life by just being yourself and doing the things that make you happy.

If you need any advice or encouragement, please send me a message or leave a comment below this post. I will do my best to respond to everyone who writes me or comments.

When I see your message, it makes me happy because I know that there is someone out there who cares about me.

Bane my company is a new travel platform that rewards you for traveling.

Bane is not just another travel company, it's an experience. It's about getting out there and doing things, experiencing new cultures and seeing life from someone else's perspective.

I love my life, I love my freedom and I love the fact that I get to travel everywhere. I can meet new people, learn about different cultures, taste new foods and see new places every day.

I have set out on a journey to help other humans to fall in love with the world as I have in hopes of making the world a better place through travel.

We all have our own goals but one common goal we all share is to have an unforgettable time while we're here on this beautiful globe we call home.

We have to live it, whether you're happy or not!

Why do I exist

Do I make a difference in the world

Am I just a waste of space and time

The answer comes from within you, no one else can define you

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Written by   32
9 months ago
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