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Who is behind the wheels

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1 month ago

I made a short post concerning this on my account @forbescover so I’m here to give the full post about who is behind the wheels

I want you to ask yourself this question;

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Yes! The question is who is behind the wheels of my life?

I’ve seen so many people live their lives in the prisons of others. People want to impress other, they want validation from others, they buy things to gain the attention of others and totally neglect who they are and are driven by the society.

It’s very sad that a lot of people are in this category that’s why we see a lot of unreal and unattractive type of people in the society.

Let’s take this scenario to further understand my thoughts on this concept.

There are two friends, Friend A and Friend B. Deep down friend A and Friend B like to eat rice but Friend A saw a post online that a particular celebrity likes eating rat, so Friend A started eating rat and anytime Friend B eats rice, Friend A mocks Friend B.

After series of mocking from Friend A, Friend B decided to start eating rats too and that’s how both of them start eating rats.

Let’s analyze this scenario.

Friend A neglected his own inner cravings and started craving for another’s own type of meal. Friend A doesn’t even know whether the celebrity said he likes rat because he wanted to get attention. Friend A started living in the prison of the celebrity and friend A dragged friend B to be his own prisoner and that’s how the cycle of this kind keep on.

You might be in this kind of a cycle and it’s time to take back your wheels.

But you might ask how? I will list a few things you can do.

Before you do anything ask yourself “why I’m I doing this? “

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When you ask yourself this question, answer it genuinely.
By doing this, you can know the reason for your every action. If your answer is because of some external factor, then your wheels ain’t with you.

Do away with friends that are driven by the society

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The kind of environment we are play over a 90% of our success in life.
look at the people in developed countries, they don’t find it as hard to be successful like the ones in underdeveloped countries.
This is to show you that environment matter a lot in the success of a man.

You psychological environment is the friends around you. If you friends are easily swayed by external factors then there is a high chance that you are definitely going to be living their kind of life.

it’s a very common saying that if you want to be rich follow the steps of the rich and that’s very true.
So in the same way if you want to be in charge of yourself, avoid people that are not in charge of themselves and be with people that are in control of themselves and love themselves.

Have an aim


when you have an aim, you are driven by that aim and that’s a good one.
It would be difficult for someone else to redirect you when you have somewhere you are heading.

I have noticed that anytime I have an aim I tend to do better even though I don’t get the aim I alway do better and I don’t get swayed by the opinion of others

Spend some quality time alone

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Spending lone time help one to reflect on one’s personal life. This act lead to self love and when you love yourself you would always want to do things that you love.

You would have notice people that spend time alone don’t so much bother about the opinion of others and also they do great things too because when you are alone you focus on what’s inside rather than the effects of the environment.

Thank you for reading 🙂. I hope you find this interesting. Please drop your feedback on whatever you feel I did wrong. I alway like to improve so constructive criticism is allowed.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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Nicely written 🎉 The worst part is the people being influenced with social media life. Not just rumours or what they normally say outside, but I've seen people that borrow clothes to snap and post on a particular social account. Wtf!

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1 month ago

Imagine bro! Just go snap and also deceive other people! It’s sad man

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1 month ago

This is inspiring thank you for sharing. The truth is if we want the best for our lives then we have to control it ourselves and not people controlling it for us. You do not need to compare ourselves to others because you don't know the reason behind the work they have done.

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1 month ago

Busayo, thanks for a comment like this

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1 month ago