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What’s next

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Many people are in the middle of different situations in life and what is running through their mind is what is next.

It can be really psychologically draining to be involved in decision making

I have had a few sessions with Elena in the past, who is a psychotherapist, hypnotist and healer. I was on the fence about going to a tarot reading event and Elena helped me through that decision. The session was very different from my previous sessions and I appreciate it for the guidance. The mood was quiet, reflective and meditative. I was experiencing a lot of emotions, though I couldn't really figure out what they were at the time. As I analyzed the session afterwords, I realized that my feelings were a mixture of nervousness and excitement. My feelings during the session were also mixed because I felt some familiarity in how Elena was guiding me but did not feel like I could entirely trust her or her agenda. Some of the things she said resonated with me. She told me that she saw me doing volunteer work, which is something I want to do more of.

When people are in their 20s, they are in their prime. They don’t have kids and they can just get up and go at any moment. But as you move into your 30s, there’s a sense that you really have to start making decisions about your life and having a family — which is a great thing. You have these decisions to make that can be really psychologically draining, and on top of that, there’s pressure from everyone around you to do this and do that. You’re not sure what to do next, and it can be really discouraging sometimes.

The good news is that everyone can be a creator and it’s really about pursuing what makes you happy.

The issue comes when people are making these decisions in the wrong way or they don’t pursue what they want in the first place

This can be really psychologically draining and confusing.

And the issue is this struggle is so common and yet we don't talk about it much.

How do we deal with this decision making process?

Why is it so difficult to move from one phase of life to another one?

According to the research done by scientists, the answer lies in how we perceive the future and how we expect it to play out.

The decision making process

How we think about the future can drastically change the way we make decisions in life.

The decision making process doesn't happen by accident. For example, when you are deciding what to eat for dinner or what movie to watch that night, you usually don't think about a lot of things because you don't have to in that moment. You just do what you feel like doing at that time.

One common case which comes up is when you are deciding what job to take or what college to go to.

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1 year ago
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I’m very happy that you find this post of benefit to you. I will keep on writing great posts for everyone’s benefit

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1 year ago

We deal decision making process by asking questions what should I do next when I've finished this one. Decision is up to you either you'll make a step to make that decision happened or it will be remained only in your mind. I really appreciate this Psychological facts of you..may you will be keep on making kind of stuff that everyone can benefit

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1 year ago