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We see things differently

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9 months ago

We all see things differently.

I want to share with you an event that I recently attended, the event was about travel photography.

Honestly I expected to gain a lot of insight and tips on how to be more productive when travelling, but to my utter surprise, that wasn't the case.

Things that I was expecting to hear were discussed to a very minimal amount, however opinions were given and it felt like everyone in the room was being told they were wrong.

I have come to the conclusion that just as our faces are different, we all also have different views on situations.

Something might alarm one and that same thing can make another calm.

On the other hand, more can agree on certain topics while others disagree, the point of view often dictates our opinion in most cases.

I travel around the globe. I have been to five continents, over 40 countries and no matter what the situation I see things differently. As an example, I once was in South Africa on the border of Zimbabwe when I witnessed a very tense scene...

I walked into a small shop where there were three workers who were waiting on a very angry customer. The manager of the shop was trying to calm him down but the customer was very upset and nothing seemed to be working.

People were starting to gather outside the shop because it was clear that a serious confrontation was about to take place

Suddenly, there was a loud pop that was so loud it rattled the window of the shop that I was standing beside. When I turned around I quickly realized that a young woman had been shot and she fell to the side. Her Mother who had just arrived from work, ran to her and began screaming loudly…

I was at the airport and a man asked me if I could take him to the terminal. It is not that there was anything wrong with him. The thing is that he was an old man and I was a young woman by myself, so of course I was scared.

The interesting part was that once I took him to the terminal he asked me to wait for him until he is done with his flight, even though I told him it is not necessary.

I waited for him and later on he surprised me with a reward for helping him out. It turned out that the man might be different from what I expected but my fear was totally wrong.

He paid me back with love and care and this has helped me understand that things are not always what they seem.

Those who are in a hurry are the ones who end up in trouble. Rushing into everything and missing out on some amazing experiences that life has to offer will only make us lose a lot of things.

I am grateful for having this experience, because it taught me how human nature really is. It helped me change my views on people, because it made me see things from a different perspective.

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Written by   32
9 months ago
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