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Sacrifices must be made

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5 months ago

I don’t think there anything good that can happen without us letting go of something.

A farmer wants to get corn he takes the very own corn grains that he has and put it in the ground, the grain decays and bring back something much more than what he planted. He has sacrificed the little he has and it produced something bigger.

An investors want money, he takes the very little money he had and invest in a stock, he has made a sacrifice and he is expecting a return.

I don’t think it’s necessary for me to continue giving scenarios of how one need to sacrifice to get better things in life.

Almost everyone has a dream, and we all want to accomplish that dream but are we ready to make sacrifices?

A young man who just entered the university proposed in his heart to make a first class honor from the university but yet never attends lecture, rarely opens his books, party all night. What kind of sacrifice is this young man making?

Well, I see this young man making sacrifices for failure.
We can even see that not even only good things require sacrifices, bad things also require sacrifices.

Now there is another question, when should we sacrifice?

The farmer that planted corn grain, wanted more corn grain and the investor that invested, wanted more money. I believe the message is clear, when you want to sacrifice anything, sacrifice it for something bigger.

Many people might feel that they actually don’t sacrifice for what is less than what they get but I will bring your mind to a particular sacrifice that most people make that don’t worth it.

The sacrifice made for money

I have seen countless people sacrifice their dignity, integrity, honor, life, people, friends, family, and many more because of money. It’s sad that a whole lot of problems in this world are caused because people want to make money.

We know of scammers who constantly inflict pain on this victim because of money. Are humans worth less than money?
You might say no.
We can easily lie with our mouth but what we do of our own accord don’t tell lies.

Anytime you put getting money above any human, it means you value money more than the person

The sacrifice for fame

Many people hurt themselves because they want to get attention from the public.
Are you worth less than attention? If no, then why do you sacrifice your peace for it?

Others would say a lot of bad things against a fellow to gain attention of the public.
Is the person worth less that the attention you want to get? If no, why do you make someone feel bad just so you others can feel good about you?

I hope anyone in this category of people reading this would change and become a better person.

what should we sacrifice for?

We should make sacrifices for one another, why?

Because we are just what we have! Nothing else in this world matter more than the lives of you and your fellow humans, If you don’t sacrifice for one another, what other things worth our sacrifice?

I hope you enjoy my article and feel free to give your feedback. My comment section remains open.

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Written by   32
5 months ago
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