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Life is an Exchange

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1 year ago

We here on this platform sure have a splendid idea of what exchange is because we do convert our earnings to our respective country Fiat when we need it.

Life is an exchange and you might wonder why I came to this conclusion.

Let's take a few scenario.

The way we breath

Every living organism requires some form of breathing, and as humans, we require that we take in oxygen and this oxygen get mixed up one way or the other and we produce carbon dioxide.

Plants on the other hand require that they take in carbon dioxide and perform some reactions to give out oxygen.

Interesting right?

We need these two gases to sustain us and the same is with plants.

Plants perform photosynthesis which is the reverse reaction of breathing and they need carbon dioxide to do this.

To provide them these gases we breathe out, we give them our carbon dioxide and in return, they give us oxygen.

What we need the plants don't and what we don't the plants needs.

This is a scenario where an exchange system is needed and our creator did make it happen. Without so much hustle, we give out our CO2 and the plant give out their O2.

Daily Living Activities

When your car runs out of fuel and you go to a fuel station to fill your tank, exchange is made. You know that you are going to pay a certain amount of money to get the amount of liquid that will power your engine. You also know that the fuel station will get your money and use it to buy stuff they need or want.

The same thing goes when you have a job. You work and the money you earn is exchanged for cash which can be used by various people in various ways.

Similarly, when you buy things from a store, shop or online, you pay for the products and services with cash.

Here is another one.

If you are a student and you are required to pay your school fees, either in cash or check, your school will give you what they call "PASS", which is a receipt that you were able to pay the fees, even though you did not pay the fee in cash or check.

My personal scenario

I joined this beautiful platform a couple if months ago and I saw that I needed an exchange system to convert my earnings to the acceptable means of exchange here in Nigeria, so I inquired from people that know about cryptocurrency exchanges and they introduced me to binance.

I learnt how to use it and now I provide exchange services for people like me who want to get FIAT currency to he used within the country.

I founded a company called Bane Exchanges, which provide this needed service for ready customers who want to give out their cryptocurrency to get a readily spendable currency.

Conclusively, we should understand that, we need one another to get the best out of life.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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This is life for us, like I used to call it, life is peer to peer, you give out to recieve, if you don't give out, you won't be able to recieve. When you give out knowledge, you receive money. When you give out money, you receive in the case of schooling. And it goes on

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1 year ago

Well said my man. That's it, life is like cryptocurrency trading haha

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1 year ago