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Letting go can be sometimes difficult

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1 year ago

I fell in love with my ex-girlfriend Erin. We had an amazing time together, shared good and bad moments. But then we had a fight, and I moved out of her apartment.

She was still mad at me and I felt that she didn’t want to be with me anymore. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t accept that she broke up with me.

So, I tried to contact her through text messages and phone calls. I even sent her flowers. It was sad because there was no way back. She didn’t want me anymore. Even though we were well-matched, our relationship went south very fast. Probably I should have stopped while were ahead. I made so many mistakes that caused the end of our love story to happen very fast.

When you are so into someone, it can be difficult even after many years to forget about the person.

I still saw her in my dream, so it’s a sign that I’ve not totally let go of her.

I turned to the other side of my bed hoping that I could finally get some good sleep, but instead of falling asleep, I stayed up all night thinking about what happened.

My thoughts were stuck on whether I did something wrong or if there was anything else that I could have done.

How could she do this to me? What had I done to her? Am I a bad guy? Should I apologize? How do I get her back?

These questions and many more kept running through my head until eventually my brain finally turned off and fell asleep.

The worst thing that you can do when you are breaking up with someone is to get wrapped up in the idea of the person you are leaving. You need to let go, otherwise you will never be free and available for the next big thing.

I strongly believe she has some demons that made her so unforgettable and addictive to me.

I was even ready to fight for her, I felt that burn in my chest when I saw her, when I heard her voice, when I had opportunities to be close to her or the opportunity to meet her.

But after that chat with Erin, I realized how much I was being selfish and how much better she is without me.

The night I last saw her, we had amazing sex. It was good, but not as good as before.

We stayed at the bed talking for hours, she could see how my eyes were wandering around the room, but she didn't seem to mind.

She told me something that I never heard before: "You are not a servant of life, you are its master". It hit me hard and I got up right away and went out to smoke a cigarette and clear my head.

She was part of my past, a very painful past. I was never ready to forget what happened, but I had to move on. You see, life is all about letting go, the sooner the better and it will be easier for you.

I let go of friends that I spent so much time with, I let go of an amazing experience in my life, I would have done differently if I could be given a second chance and I let go of her.

The last one was really hard and bitter sweet because she's still in there. She's the only girl that made me crazy and she's the only girl that I fell in love with. The last goodbye was difficult, it made me feel different and I almost cried. She was looking at me with a smile while saying “goodbye”, she said it had to end this way and now we can say hello to our lives. But inside she was hurting like me.

I had a hard time letting go of my girlfriend, even though I knew it was time. I’d think about her for weeks after we had broken up, so I knew that it was a sign. The best thing that I could do was forget about her, so I wouldn’t be stuck at the same point where we broke up.

Stars have always been a big part of my life. If a person is a fan of me, they keep in touch with me through social media, but now it’s different. They feel like they know me and they want to know more about my life. With the internet, people feel like they can find out more about you than ever before.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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