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How to make money

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1 year ago

I believe this topic is a topic that everyone would want to know about and I'm going to say a few things about the how of money making. It's sad that many people are poor and I believe that most poor people would get rich if they knew what they can do to get rich.

Firstly, I'm going to address the cause of poverty as this can better help to give directed solution to the problems and also, there would be no need for a solution is there isn't a problem. Also, going to the root of a problem, helps a lot in selectively proffering solutions.

Why are people poor?

Some were born poor

It's sad that majority of people are born poor and why is this so? The answer is simple, there is a larger percentage of poor people living in this world as compared to the amount of the rich. If everyone decides to give birth to at least one child, if automatically make the number of "born poor people" larger and the cycle continues. Also, it's sadder that poor people give birth to more children than the rich which further increase the number of born poor people.

Lack of Formal Education

Lack of formal education is another major cause of poverty. In a world where the possibility of getting a job increases with the amount of certificate you have, it shouldn't surprise us that many people will become poor or remain poor because the don't have access to formal education. It's unfortunate that acquiring quality formal education is really expensive and the poor don't have the privilege to get it, which makes the stay in their poverty.


It's very unfortunate that lazy people too want to be rich. I don't think the world richest are lazy people. A wise man once said "A little more sleep, a little more slumber and poverty would come upon you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man". I see no deceit in this statement. A lot of people are lazy and that's why they tend to be poor.

Possible solutions to tackle poverty

Stay with the rich

What would you gain if as a poor man, you spend valuable of time with your fellow poor man. If you aren't making great plans with a fellow poor man, then you need to change your circle of acquittance. Just as how fools have nothing to offer you apart from their folly, poor people have nothing to offer you apart from their poverty when it comes to their financial life.

When you spend time with the rich, you would learn their ways and the chances that you would get rich increases just by taking this first step and why is this so?

Well, the rich have this mindset of making more money and this require them to need more people to fill the position of the new business they want to embark upon. When you spend time with the rich, the chances that you would be employed has increase as compare to spending time with the poor.

To those who are born poor, this is a solution for them.

learn a skill

There is no other way to get rich apart from the act of service rendering. If you don't offer services then be prepared to be poor. To those that don't have access to formal education, learning a skill requires little monetary investment as you are doing to pay your trainer with your God given self.

Work is the antidote to poverty

To the lazy ones, be prepared to be poor if you don't work. If peradventure you see a lazy person with wealth, know that someone else is working for the money the lazy person is squandering. One of the problem of the world as a whole is laziness, when the hardworking ones work, they don't only benefit from the good of their work, the lazy ones too one way or the other benefit from their work.

Now imagine if everyone is a hardworking person, there should be minimal problem in the world because also, the lazy ones are also the ones that tend to do evil things to get the riches of the hardworking.

I hope you find this article worth reading.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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During this time ...there so many way you can earn money can earn money online, selling items , make a business , and even online games you can earn by streaming your wise and practical have so many options to earn money.... perseverance and endeavor is the key to have a successful life.....thanks for reminding us ...thanks to the author

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1 year ago

Yes, poverty is from the human soul, you are the one who determines how to become poor or rich


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1 year ago