Why do some people choose the bear market than bull market

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This can be a controversial topic to discuss about. Most of the people choose to have bull market because it is the happiest thing and many investors become happy only during the bull market trend. But I wanted to say that bear market is the best time for various reasons. For people who are planning to create a foundation, bear market is the right time because they don't have to fear about the market conditions and they can wait for the right time and book profits during the bull market. I personally think that bull markets are tough compared to the bear markets.

When someone is starting a project or idea and when it happens during the bull market, there is a high chance that they would end up getting a good success during the good times. When they start a project during the bear market trend, they end up getting an advantage when the good market starts. The regular profits that they would be getting would start growing bigger and better.


Investment is hard

During the bull market investment is very hard. The value of most of the things would be at its peak and it would be hard to purchase anything as such. We may not even know which one would be the peak value and finally we might end up investing on something at its peak value. Bull market is also followed by a bear market and it is a cycle. When the bear market starts as soon as we invest, there is a high chance that we might end up waiting for several months for the market to recover and get back to our bought price. Some wise people would be willing to book their loss when the market starts falling down.

Some people take that as an opportunity to do a DCA by purchasing it again and again whenever the market keeps falling down. In spite of all these options that are available, we can say that investment is definitely hard. But during a bear market trend, we may not know the bottom point of a particular coin during a particular bear market season. But whatever be the case, if we invest on a specific thing, there is a high chance that when the market recovers back, we would have a very good returns and we end up in profit anyways.


Competition is less

This is for people who start new projects. During the bear market season, many investors and project owners might slow down because of the market trend. Some people who would like to launch their new project might even wait for the bull market to happen to do a proper marketing as the reward flow during a bear market is very less compared to a bull market. But for some rare people, this is good because they think during bear markets the competition would be very minimal and they can try to get hold of many advantages in the market. The money flow might be a challenge but otherwise there wouldn't be many projects that would take away their chance to become successful.

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