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What could be the reason for the Hive pump?

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3 days ago

This is one of the massive pumps we have ever seen for Hive. Yesterday there was a new All-Time High and today when I woke up and checked the price of Hive it pumped further to reach another new ATH of 1.94$. This is definitely a massive thing. I now regret selling my Hive at the 1 dollar mark.

There are always better opportunities so I shouldn't worry too much about that. This Hive Pump is going to bring us more fortune, so there is nothing to worry about selling Hive low. I'm glad that I at least booked my profit a little bit because we still don't know what will be the crypto situation in India. The below numbers are very good to look at. It appears that my current account value is close to 50k dollars right now. Imagine the worth of whale accounts. I wish I had been a whale here and made a living out of Hive.

I always have this habit of taking a screenshot of the account worth along with the current price of Hive. I have done that several times in the past just to keep a record. It will be good to look at it at a later point in time if at all there is a drop in the price of Hive. I also wish that the Hive price shouldn't go down but even if that happens, we will remember the new all-time high and await the new pump.

What could have been the reason?

I wouldn't recommend purchasing Hive at the current price as nobody is sure what could have been the reason for this pump. We initially thought that it would be a pump and dump game but it appears to be long-lasting. I don't know how far this pump can go further. I have decided that it is best to stay invested and not do any big trading activity. I would also refrain from investing further as well. But now that it is proven that Hive is beyond 1$, I would consider 1 dollar as a good investment point if at all it goes down again.

We usually hear that it is the Koreans who pump the market and make good use of it. But this time I keep hearing that this is all because of Splinterlands. For a few months, Splinterlands is making Hive popular in the Crypto Ecosystem. We got new Hive users in the past few months because of Splinterlands. It is expected that CL pack pre-sale could have been a reason for Hive to pump. I don't know if we should buy that theory but there is a possibility. Whatever the reason be, as long as it gives us good hope, it is all good?

I wish we have more games on Hive similar to Splinterlands that can attract gamers from everywhere. Nowadays facilities are available where blockchain can be used to handle the NFTs alone and the game itself need not be on Blockchain directly. If we can get such games on Hive, the pump will be really hard and we will all be early investors.

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Written by   42
3 days ago
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