Ways to get passive crypto income from Hive

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Passive income is the most expected thing everywhere. People who think about financial independence keep looking for passive income opportunities. Hive is a great platform where there are so many passive income opportunities available not just directly on the chain but also available on the earning opportunities in the sidechain as well.

On the core layer of the blockchain, there are several earning opportunities available, and apart from that there are also additional earning opportunities in DApps where many people come up with new innovative projects. In most cases, we might have to do some initial investment to start earning some passive income. Most of the income is generated based on how much money is locked or invested.

Staking Reward

Staking rewards is a wonderful way to earn on Hive. We don't have to do anything much. Just stake the tokens and we will start earning passive income. This is one of the best passive-earning methods we have on Hive. HBD can be considered a good option for this. We may not call it a staking reward but if we keep HBD in savings, we can earn passive income at 20% APR credited to our account once a month. There is no auto-claim option available but there are tools available to make it auto-claim for us once a month.

Staking rewards are also available on other tokens as well. There are a few projects on Hive Engine trying to get bigger day by day and they offer rewards for staking their project tokens. It may not be directly called staking reward but the concept is definitely the same.

Delegated Proof of Stake

This is the next passive income opportunity we have on Hive. We are able to stake our Hive to get Hive Power and delegate this Hive power to other projects to earn a reward share. There are many community projects available where our Hive Power can be delegated to help with manual curation and earn a passive income reward for the same. Most of the projects credit this reward almost every day. The rewards are given out either in the form of Hive directly or in the form of another token that has a good value.

Blogging and content creation

I wouldn't say this is a passive income opportunity. But content creation is also a great opportunity on Hive. We are able to share our thoughts and create a fan follower base for us and we can gradually improve our writing and earn content creation rewards for writing. Many people including me write on this platform every single day sharing thoughts and various topics.

Income from playing games

Hive is slowly becoming a gaming platform too. Long gone are the days when this was only a blogging platform. With the capabilities we have on this chain, we are able to create many dApps and games out of Hive. Some of these games also offer passive earning opportunities. Maybe we may not call it fully passive but there are a few games where we can stake and earn their tokens and that becomes a pure passive earning opportunity. It depends on how we want to play the game. We can still stay active and play the game actively and we can also do it passively.

Investing in projects and communities

Some projects that come up with a concept or idea would need funding from the community to grow. There are facilities available where the idea can be explained to people and crowdfunding can happen with the help of either NFTs or by selling Fungible tokens. Getting inside a project during the early days gives some great benefits in the form of huge rewards. Most of these rewards are also passive.

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I see many users from noise and here are using Hive platform to earn also.

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