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Waiting to purchase BTC if it goes below 10k

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4 days ago

I do think that BTC going below 10 is definitely not realistic but magically it can also happen. I already spent all my stable coin reserves. I still have a little which I'm saving to purchase BTC when the price of BTC goes below 10k. Many experts say that it is not easy for BTC to go below 20k. We did see the value go below 20k in the last few days but it did not last long. But many people still said the same thing when the price was around 30k. People that it was the lowest point it can go but we have a 20k Bitcoin right now.

I personally think that any price for Bitcoin is a great investment. We shouldn't worry too much about these prices right now if our plan is for the long term. BTC at 10k is an amazing price but at the same time, I would say that 20k BTC is also a great price indeed. We should be able to reap so much of profits if the price of BTC recovers and reaches back to 50k. After that 50k can become the new base price of BTC. The existing holders will become super-rich and there will be people again who would want to invest fresh and wait for 100k BTC which is also likely again to reach.


I made up my mind already that I will not be interested to purchase BTC for the current price right now. Some people might think that it is a missed opportunity. I might also regret but I'll be tempted to purchase only after the price of BTC goes below 15k at least. For me, 10k is the perfect price to purchase and I might as well be willing to sell my kidneys to purchase BTC at 10k. There will be heavy buy pressure at that point and we will find it hard to see the price of BTC going below 10k. Many experts believed that 20k is the base price and that's one of the reasons why the price of BTC has not gone down below 20k yet. Hope that's the case.

The biggest thing that is really tempting is the price of other coins as well. I really wish I had a more stable coin with me to purchase some altcoins as well. When BTC is down it also affects all other cryptocurrencies. Technically it shouldn't but most of the cryptocurrencies will have a BTC pair and that is primarily one of the reasons why the altcoins get affected when the price of BTC is down. There are some coins that are not dependent on BTC price and they also don't fall so much when the market is red. They usually rely more on their own price stability mechanics.

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Written by   104
4 days ago
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I agree with you, 10k is a highly tempting price to buy btc.

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3 days ago