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Top 5 coins people should be holding in 2022

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7 months ago

As we are all approaching the new year, I thought I would share my views on the top coins that people should be holding in 2022. Every year the crypto investment strategy is a bit different. We are also getting a lot of new coins every year. A few years back the number of overall cryptocurrencies were less than 2000 but today if we take the coins inside the other chains, the list can even go to millions if I'm not wrong.

It is hard to keep a track of several crypto projects. It is better to focus on a few that are well known to use and are also having great potential. The preferences keep changing and the thoughts keep changing. I would even say that people might have different investment opinions every month or even every week based on the price they see of their favorite coins. I personally think it will be nice to hold the following coins in the year 2022. Unless we are close to going down, I'm assuming 2022 should be one of the greatest years for cryptocurrency.


People might wonder why I'm not recommending the top coins in the market but this is just my personal choice. There can be very good predictions for the top coins like BTC and ETH but for me, these coins matter the most. I'm not going to say anything for sure but would like to recommend the below 5 coins mainly because I'm going to stay invested in these coins in 2022. Individuals have their own opinion, interest, and perspectives. Please do your own research before investing and don't invest just because I'm saying it.


Hive is one of the best blockchains that this crypto world can ever get. The main reason why I'm saying this is because I have not only a blogging platform but also a platform on top of which any use case can be built and right now blogging and gaming are the two use cases. Thanks to Hive Engine. I would also recommend investing in some of the Hive Engine tokens as well as I personally feel that some tokens have their potential. I have a decent stake in Hive and will continue to do so.


People say good things about ADA tokens. I still did not try to understand what the Cardano chain is all about and what are their advantages and what do they offer. I have it as a task to do some deep research on this in 2022 just to be sure if my investment choices are good. I also keep hearing good things about Cardano but I still have to find it out by myself. I don't have a target date for this but I guess, I will hold the ADA I have for another 5 years and definitely in 2022.


WAX is something I personally would like to trust in 2022. It has been one of the best blockchains for holding and managing our NFT assets. There will be new projects that will be using the NFT capabilities of the WAX blockchain. This is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to hold a decent amount of WAX tokens in 2022.


My next recommendation would be to hold some DOT tokens. I personally have a target of 100$ for DOT tokens. I don't know much about the Para chain concept they are achieving and how they would be linking multiple chains in a decentralized manner with Polkadot. But I did like that concept and I also feel that they are progressing very well with their big road map.


Except for the decentralization part, I personally think that BNB is awesome and 2021 was a big year for BNB. I expect the same growth in 2022 as well. I would even like to call it ETH killer with the insane reduction in the gas fees. The only problem with BNB is the fact that 80 percent of the coin holdings are with Binance. Many people have different feelings on that but I personally think that BNB has good potential and it can still continue to be best even in 2022.

The above choices are only mine and I'm going to be holding a few more coins in my portfolio in 2022. But some of these coins deserved mention as I have great hopes for them. I would also like to insist again that this is all my personal choice and you can do your own research before investing.

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Written by   111
7 months ago
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Seriously, is going to be a great mistake if I consider all these without adding AWC token to my wallet. Now is better opportunity to buy enough AWC token. This is Atomic Wallet own token and has potential everyone want. More about AWC token -

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2 days ago

I totally agree with your list, I am most bullish on Hive and Waxp!

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7 months ago