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After I completed watching the Good Doctor series on Netflix, I was looking for a similar Surgery related documentary or a movie, or even another TV series. But this time I did not want drama kind of thing. That's when I found out about this series called The Surgeon's Cut. It actually came as a suggestion too after watching Good Doctor. There were also a few more suggestions but I picked this one because it was a real experience from top surgeons all over the world.

I started watching the first episode and I was mind blown and I spent time watching one after the other. I always wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor. Two reasons stopped me from doing it. One was the fact that I did not study well during my school days and the second fact is that I was not wealthy enough to get a doctor seat in any of the colleges and I ended up becoming an Engineer. My interest in Biology, flora, and fauna always makes me admire nature and its creation.

In this series, each episode is dedicated to individual surgeons who are experts in their field of surgery. The surgeon talks about their experience being a surgeon and also real-time experience with their patients. It has always been a question in the mind as to what Surgeons think and do they have feelings for their patients and how do they manage the loss of the patients they lose. These were some of the common questions on my mind for which I got answers from these series. In every episode, we get to meet a new surgeon with some special skills and also get to know a lot about their personal experiences.

Another interesting fact in this medical series is that it shows how innovations happened in the medical industry and how some of the complex operations in the world originated and are in practice now. Some Surgeons even sacrifice their real-life pleasures to save the patients. We all know doctors are great but this series will make us understand why they are great. This series not only targets the thoughts of the Surgeons when they are inside an operating theater but also shares more information on the personal life of the doctors and their work-life balance as well.

After I completed watching all the episodes in this series I was a bit sad that it ended already. I really wish there are more episodes to this series so that we get to learn a lot from lots of amazing people all around the world. Sometimes I have even felt that I should stop what I'm doing right now and try and get a seat in a medical college and pursue my dreams. Maybe it is too late for the dream but I guess I'll at least try to genetically transfer this dream and thoughts to someone in my lineage so that in the future someone becomes a good doctor either my children or my grandchildren hopefully.

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