Successful people also have bad habits

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We all want to be very successful in life. In order to be successful, it has been a good practice to take a look at other successful people and learn from them. This has been the practice for a very long time and people learn from others more than experiencing things by themselves. Learning through training alone can take a long time but learning by observing others is the most perfect route to achieve things faster.

I personally think that people are full of both bad things as well as good things. Some people might have a high weightage on good things and some might have a high weightage on bad things. Based on what we feed, we develop our character. Life gives us lots of opportunities to feed the good part and we also do that most of the time, but we sometimes feed the wrong part, and yet people are successful.

People are not bad just because they have some bad habits. Some people use that as a tool to be successful or stay successful. It may not work easily for everyone but there is definitely some learning from that. Even some of the biggest brains might have a few bad habits but yet they would be successful.


Yet they are successful

Success comes from a different set of parameters and it is not highly necessary that people can attain success only with strict good habits. Our life is a combination of both bad things as well as good things. People are either lucky or they do the necessary hard work in spite of the bad habits they have and only with that they are able to be successful or stay successful. If you observe some people, they might have a proper pattern with them. Even though they are not very great at something, there would be a few things in which they are very good. Focusing on the positives they have might have given them the boost required.

Yes, it is true that people do have bad habits but most of the time the compensation comes from the good things or good habits they have. Waking up early in the morning can be a good habit but it will turn out productive only if you make use of the time efficiently. What if someone wakes up in the morning but most of the time is spent on unnecessary things? Now let's take another person who sleeps late at night. Not getting a proper night's sleep is a bad habit but imagine if that time is spent efficiently and if he works on a great project, the results will be available in just a few days. This is how people become successful in spite of their bad habits.

To what extent matters

We can understand this with the help of another example. Imagine someone having a bad habit of spending a lot of money. Even though they can save a lot, if they end up spending a lot of money mostly on unnecessary things, it is definitely a bad habit. But imagine if the person creates a budget for his spending. Even though the amount the person is spending is huge or is not on the right things, he is not crossing his budget. This is how the control can happen.

Regaining the focus

Having focus on what we are doing is very important. In spite of the things we do either right way or wrong way, if we don't have proper focus, we cannot be successful. If we lose focus, we should try and get it back. Success requires hard work but most of the time if we have to be successful, we have to also sacrifice a few things that we like the most. It would be better if we could sacrifice the things that we like the most. This way we can be successful faster than planned.

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