Steps to create a new WAX account with your own name selection

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I was looking for an option to create a WAX account where I can freely use my own selected name. This option is available in some of the blockchains, especially on Hive. I know for a fact that we can create such accounts on EOS but I was not sure about WAX blockchain. The reason was that when I used the cloud wallet to create the account the first time, it asked me to use my social logins or my email address to create an account.

Another problem with creating accounts with social logins is that we may not get our private keys while creating them. I was under the impression that there would be no option to create accounts with names we wish to have. Today explored a little and found out that it is possible through Cloud wallet itself. There are also few other ways but this one looks a bit comfortable. Let me go through step by step.

Create an account with social profiles

In order to create an account with the name we want, the first thing we have to do is to create an account with social logins. That will choose a name by itself to the account and give us a random name. The below link can be used to create the wallet.

Of course, this option is pretty simple and just 2 clicks to create a new account with our social logins or with our emails. But choosing a good name for the account is sometimes very important because it gets easier to remember. This is one of the biggest advantages we have on Hive. Imagine people having a need to remember more than 4 digit numbers in an account. I experienced this problem on Hive.

Login to your newly created account

The next step is to log in to our newly created account and make sure we have enough balance to create accounts. There is a small cost involved in creating accounts. Account creation is not free on WAX. Though it is minimal it is not free. The cost is mainly for onboarding the users with some basic stats. Close to 1.5 WAX should be sufficient to create an account right now. Maybe it can change in the future. Who knows.

Creating the account

After logging in, we have this form to create the account by entering the details. The account creation form will look similar to the one below. The link to access account creation is as follows:

The account creation form will look similar to the above and I would like to explain what each field means. The keys are similar to what we have on Hive but this page will not generate a key for us. All we have to do is, go to the below page and generate keys.

The above page gives both Public Key and Private Key. We can generate two keys and save one for the owner key and another one for the Active Key. Make sure you have saved the keys somewhere. That's very important.

Next is the interesting part which is why we are going through these steps. The name selection. The user interface allows us to pick any name that is 12 characters long. It is not mandatory that we have to use alphanumeric names. For some reason, the blockchain is forcing us to have 12 characters in the name. We cannot go less than that. I find that so lame. Maybe the user interface is forcing us on that because when I create a WAX account with social logins, it has only 9 characters in it. But this option is anyway better than having an auto-generated name.

So when we submit the form, the account will be created. The details of the account creation can be viewed in the block explorer. The details will look similar to the above. NET, CPU, and RAM is the next thing. I'm not going to go into details on that because I myself don't know much about the use case of each one. The overall cost came close to 1.5 WAX for me and the transaction was published to the blockchain.

There can also be errors that people might come across. I also had some errors during account creation the below article was helpful for me to troubleshoot those errors.

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