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SPS had a very nice pump today and all the presale Node licenses were sold off

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6 months ago

Let me start with the fact that we have about 62 days for the SPS airdrop. That is the only chance for us to get SPS cheap. Today there was a presale about an hour back for the first set of Node licenses. Within the first 10 minutes, 1000 licenses were sold off. The next Tier of license sales has started. This is really very good for the SPS tokens. Imagine all the investors who are holding a shit load of SPS tokens. They would become super-rich when the price goes to the moon which is going to happen for sure.

If you look at the above screenshot you will be able to see that there were 482 licenses remaining. I was wondering who would have bought that much already but just within another few minutes when I refreshed the page it was already gone and the next set of sales started. It is still reducing very fast and people are investing like anything.

SPS and Vouchers already had a very nice pump today. For the past few days, it was gradually growing expecting the presale. People were purchasing liquid SPS from the market and were getting ready to purchase validator nodes. More than just validating the SPL transactions, people might even consider it pride to run a validator node because Splinterlands is one of the solid games on Hive or even in the entire blockchain world. Running a validator node is something that is good for the game ecosystem.

I was initially planning to purchase at least one validator license for myself but then I thought I will just observe for now but I'm not going to be fully away from this stuff. Running nodes is something that interests me on Hive. I have been running nodes for myself and for others as a service on Hive. I would be glad to do that for the SL node as well. I have made some plans and would be interested in running nodes for other projects and other people.

Looks like the market is already open for License right now. Someone has placed a sell order trying to sell the license they bought. But the trade hasn't started yet. People who are into Splinterlands are so excited and many people who bought licenses are also very lucky to have the license.

It appears that a total of 20M SPS will be burnt today because of this sale reducing the supply of SPS tokens. This is really a good thing. As long as the tokens are going out of supply, the price of SPS will also be a bit stable. For any token, a proper supply and a proper sink are what makes it valuable. I was curious to find out who were the top buyers of this token. The below image shows the rich list. God how did they have so much of money to purchase that many licenses.

The ecosystem of a token keeps evolving well only if both supply and sink are good and well maintained. The next exciting thing for the SPS token would be to see it listed on several exchanges. Many people compare SPS tokens with AXS tokens and other game tokens and they say SPS is undervalued. I'm sure it is not going to be the case forever and there is a high chance that SPS would get back to its 1$ value soon after the airdrop is over. The splinterlands team is already having some plans to create more use cases for SPS tokens and hopefully, that should be a good thing for the investors.

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Written by   123
6 months ago
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