Splinterlands - Moving all my assets and preparing my account

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4 months ago

Splinterlands is one of the rewarding games on Hive. Even though there are so many other games popping up every now and then, Splinterlands is still solid and they come up with some concrete strategies to reward the players and investors. I have been a fan of Splinterlands for several years now.

My splinterlands wallet was a bit unorganized. I was using two accounts to manage my tokens and assets. Today I decided to move all my assets from one account to another account. There are several reasons why I wanted to start moving the assets. Reasons and explanations for the same are as follows.

Better to manage from one account

I'm thinking of moving all my game assets to one account. Currently, the assets and tokens are scattered over two accounts. It would be ideal to keep it in one account because it makes managing easier. I don't have to keep switching between logins which is what I'm currently doing. I have all my SPS stakes on the bala-sm account and my cards on my primary account. After the move, everything should be easily manageable from just one account.

Not just the cards and other tokens, I'm also moving my liquidity pool tokens from the main account to the other account. I usually take a screenshot every month to see how it is performing right now the above screenshot should be handy for me.

If at all later I have to calculate my earnings from the game, it would be ideal to calculate it from just one account instead of two. I might as well move the diesel pools from one account to another account. This way the rewards from the diesel pool also fall under one account instead of two. I have been holding a lot of DEC for a very long time. That should also technically go inside one account instead of two.

Start playing the game once again

I still remember the good old days when luck favored me a lot. The rewards we get every season end and also after every daily quest was very interesting. I did remember getting some expensive cards as part of these rewards. After a point when I was burning out from playing the game, I thought I should stop playing the game and start focusing on other activities.

Now something makes me feel that I have lost touch with splinterlands and I should try and get to understand how the gameplay works and all that. I don't know if I would be joining any guild or not and I'm not even sure if I would be interested to continue playing the game for a longer period of time. For now, I wanted to give it a try and understand the new mechanics of the game. Later I will decide whether to continue playing or not.

I have also heard that growing one single account is very important. I thought it would be ideal to have one account dedicated to Splinterlands. I created an account called bala-sm long back when the game was called Steemmonsters. I did play from that account but I was not regular and did not use that account efficiently.

Rewards are from the rental market

Card rentals used to be one of the biggest revenue-generating things on splinterlands. I used to get a lot of rewards from that. I still remember that during the early days, the tips were even close to 100$ per month. Then it drastically reduced and the price of SPS also dropped. The cost of DEC also had a serious hit and it is still struggling to reach its soft pegged value.

Today the biggest revenue-generating rental scheme inside splinterlands is the SPS rentals. I have been experimenting with it for the past month and the rewards were pretty good. Maybe it can appear to be low in APR but I think something is better than nothing and there are opportunities where we can earn better APR based on the demand. I will have to observe for a few more months to see how the rental markets are performing in spite of the increase in the SPS token circulation.

I usually check the value of all the cards. I was checking the value before transferring my cards from one account to another. I was very happy to see that the value had increased by some dollars compared to last month. The happiest thing here is that the value had been consistent for the past few months and did not have any decline in price.

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