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Splinterlands - Maintaining a good rental income

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1 month ago

I wanted to share my experience exclusively on this because I noticed that not many people are maintaining a good rental income. I understand that it is not an easy process to review the profile every day and make use of the price adjustment capabilities. But if we do that we will be able to increase the rental income easily. I was also lazy till last month to go and update the price. But this month, I decided that I should be reviewing the demand and supply every single day and make adjustments to the price accordingly.

The main reason why I came up with this decision was that having a card rented out to someone is better than keeping the card listed in the market but not rented out. We may not be lucky with all the cards. The good thing about the rental market or the game itself is that there are a few cards that are preferable to each player. In spite of the fact that some cards are good ones for every player, there are also some cards that are frequently used by individuals based on their preference. The good thing about this is that mostly all the cards get rented out because of this unique preference.

For example, I don't really do well with my Life Splinter deck and I have rented out all my life splinter cards. But there will definitely be someone who would like to play only the Life splinter deck and rent those cards from the market. These cross references make the demand and supply very interesting. As I said earlier, I would like to keep the card rented most of the time than staying without getting rented. For this, I don't even mind placing some cards for a cheap price. My overall thoughts are always on the APR I get from renting. As long as the APR is above 50%, I'm guessing the rentals are very good.

The next most important thing is the utilization of the season-end rental demand. People rent a lot of cards at the end of the season. As they progress to higher leagues in the game, there will be a huge demand for an increase in Collection power. This can be achieved by renting cards from the market. I have rented out cards for even more than 4000 DEC per GFL card every season. Making use of this demand is very important when it comes to rental income. It can be a very good source of passive income. Even if we get 100 DEC from renting, I would say it is good because we will be able to either book profits or purchase a lot more cards from the market.

The next most important thing is the place where we can make these adjustments to the rented cards. Most people are still using Splinterlands user interface to do the renting and adjust the price. It is too painful to do there especially when there is a need to do things in bulk. I would personally recommend using Peakmonster's user interface to do some nice filters and make adjustments. It makes our life easier when it comes to rental systems. I do see that things can also be a little better. Hopefully, there should be some more competitive user interfaces in the future for the game.

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Written by   43
1 month ago
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