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Splinterlands - Lots of renting will happen today

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1 week ago

Today is the best day for renting out the cards. I have been renting out my whole deck for the past few seasons. I find renting out more profitable than playing. I even shared my rental income after the last season which was over 50k DEC. This season, I'm not expecting the rental income to go anywhere above 30k but I guess it is still very good. Today is the day for rental markets.

Today and tomorrow are going to be very busy days for me. I will be checking the market frequently to see if I'm renting low and I will cancel my renting and again place the cards for rent for the better price. This activity has to be done at frequent intervals because every card has different rental timing. I usually do check for any cards that have returned back from rental and place them again for a better price.

Maximize rental rewards

We have less than 24 hours before the season end. Many people are renting cards from the market to increase their collection power. People who want bigger collection power want better cards for cheap amounts. People who rent their cards for a cheap rate today are the ones losing opportunities. It is important to adjust the price of the cards we place in the rental market. During the start of the season, the demand is very low and that is the time when we can rent out cheap.

Towards the end of the season, especially the last 3 days is when there is a huge demand for the cards. Look at the above screenshot. The Level 1 card is getting rented for 900 DEC even before it is season end. I remember renting out my gold foil legendaries for nearly 4000 DEC towards the end of the season. People don't hesitate to rent those cards because they are in need of power to stay in the high league.

People can either rent out their excess cards or they can stop playing and just rent out cards in the rental market. Especially for people like me who find it hard to spend enough time playing this game, rental markets are a good source of income. I have already rented out all my cards in one account and have been renting out the extra cards in another account. I will be keeping only the amount of cards that will fulfill my power needs and will be renting out the remaining cards.

Will rental income will reduce furthermore in the coming seasons?

This is one of the biggest questions that I always have in the mind. I had it in the last two seasons and I have it now as well. It purely depends on how many accounts are being played and how the demand is for the cards. Some people rent their cards cheap in the market and even in spite of that if the demand is very high, there is a high possibility that the rental market can go up again considering the number of players playing the game.

Splinterlands recently started issuing new cards as part of quest rewards. People who have been playing daily quests and received rewards would have already noticed some new cards coming their way. It appears like more than 50 percent of the loot chests are giving cards right now. This will encourage more people to play the game instead of renting their cards out. If the loot chests are going to give more cards than just portions and DEC fragments, people will be encouraged to play the game to grab more cards from the game. This is how I think the game would turn around.

There are also people who have alt accounts and buy spell books on their alt accounts and play the game with multiple accounts. Those who wish to get more cards from the loot chests will start renting some cards from the market to increase their power and get better rewards towards the end of the season or from the daily quests. So, this is a difficult question to answer but I still think the rental markets are very good for both players as well as renters.

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Written by   30
1 week ago
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