Splinterlands - Great returns even during bear market

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Hive is a blockchain with some great opportunities. Many games are emerging on Hive with some great features. Splinterlands is an evergreen game that provides nice earning opportunities to the players. The concept of the game is very simple but the player base is very huge and there are new players joining the game every now and then. We all know very well about the current market condition. Since the market is very low right now the splinterlands assets are also very low in value.

The demand would increase only after the players are active in the game. It is usually the case when many people stay in low profile mode during the bear markets. After the bull run starts again, people would then start surfacing again looking for new opportunities. This has been the case for the investors in the crypto world. Hive blockchain is also a similar thing. With Hive Engine we have a facility to create tokens and most of the game assets are also stored on Hive Engine as digital assets in the form of NFTs.

I personally stopped playing the game a few years back after I had time constraints and recently last month I started reviewing the assets I have in the game and started playing the game. Within just a few days, I was able to understand the new changes that were introduced to the game and was able to grab some season-end rewards from the game. Though I was not very regular in playing the game, I do spend time playing the game whenever I get a chance. Time is still an issue for me but hopefully, I can find someone who would be willing to play my account. I haven't planned anything on that yet. Let's see.

I wanted to also highlight that passive income from Splinterlands assets is also another important source of income. There are many people who are dependent on this income. I personally have a decent stake in the game in the form of game assets and the remaining are in the form of tokens. I want to wait for a good opportunity to sell my tokens and book a profit. But until then I did not want to keep the funds idle so I moved them to Hive Engine and added liquidity to the diesel pool. Every month this gives a decent amount of rewards.

One good thing about Hive right now is the price of Hive. We are seeing a bear market trend right now. But in the coming months, there is a high possibility that the value of Hive would improve and at the same time the tokens we hold inside the game and on Hive Engine that are dependent on the Hive price might also start improving.

I know for a fact that the above value is just an approximate value and even if I dispose of the cards, I guess I may not get this much. But there is a high possibility that when the market value increases the card value can also improve and give great returns.

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