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Rising Star - Importance of Pizza Box in the game

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3 months ago

Some of my friends are just starting to play the game and they are doing missions regularly. As they are in early levels, they find it hard to understand many concepts in the game. The first confusion that comes when you don't know what to buy with the starbits you earn. One of my friends shared a perspective where they can just keep earning and sell their starbits in the market for the rewards. That is definitely not a wise strategy. At the same time, another person expressed purchasing packs with all the starbits they earn and progress in the game.

Even though these are some thoughts the newbies get, I would recommend being choosy about the cards they purchase in the game with their starbits earning. During the early days, the starbits we earn from the game are precious because it takes a long time to get a decent amount of starbits. If we waste it on cards that we don't even need, the progress may not be very great. That's why it is wise to choose some cards that would help us progress better. One such card is Pizza Box.

A pizza box is a card that is usually sold by the game itself as NFTs. People who play the game regularly and especially when they do smaller missions, usually get a lot of free pizza slices. They can use those pizza slices to increase energy. Sometimes we might have been doing only a small 5 minutes mission that consumes only 15% of the energy. But if we get a pizza slice for completing that mission, it will make the energy bar 100% again which is not very good for the newbies. Wasting one pizza slice for just improving 15% of the energy is not a good deal.

This is where the Pizza box becomes an important card. If we have this card, we will be able to keep the pizza slices we get for completing the missions. After having an empty box, if someone is doing a 5-minute mission and gets a pizza slice, the pizza will not instantly increase the energy bar to 100%. But instead, it gets stored in the pizza box we have and gives us an option to use the pizza whenever we want. For example, we can complete the existing energy and deplete it to below 10% and then use the pizza to regain 100% energy.

There is also no restriction on the number of boxes we can hold. If you think you are getting more pizza slices and having many boxes would help you store the pizza slice for a later period of time, we can have multiple. I think I have close to 10 pizza boxes with me. But in spite of that most of the time, all my pizza boxes are always full. I'm still finding a better way to manage my Energy depletion skill but after having these many pizza boxes, I don't have the problem of having energy always at low.

This technique especially helps people who are very frequent in playing the game and those who do smaller missions and deplete their energy. For people who do bigger missions after a certain level, this may not be a big deal at all. But I'm sure the new players will find this feature very fruitful. Spending some money on these NFTs is definitely going to be fruitful for the future. It is also good to invest in other important things in the game.

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Written by   85
3 months ago
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I want to create an account with Hive to be able to sign up for Rising Star. Which wallet is best, especially if I want to join other Hive projects? Thanks!

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