Reasons why people continue to work after retirement

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Retirement is not the age to quit working. At least this is not the case for everyone. Some people decide to quit working after attaining a certain age and relax at home. But many people would like to do whatever is possible. People do some lightweight jobs. I have seen some people who are in the education sector become an advisor after they reach their retirement age. This is an honorable position and they only do guest lectures.

The reason to work and not work differ from one person to another person. Some people want to just relax and travel the world after retirement. Some people would like to not break their routine and continue doing what they were doing already. Let's go through the reasons one by one.


Working for money

Not everyone gets a pension. At least that is not the case in all the countries. There are some countries where people have to take care of their needs by themselves and there is no big support from the government. In some countries based on the job nature people either get a pension or not. Most government officials get a pension but there are cases where not all government officials get a pension. In this case, people end up working for money. They want to continue working because they will not be able to meet their financial needs even after retirement.

There are also medical benefits after retirement and we all know that only after the retirement age, there is a special need for medical benefits. Some developing nations don't have this facility for their people and not every working official gets their medical benefits. There are some government hospitals where everything is free but even there they operate with restrictions where not everything is free. People continue to work because they are insecure and they don't get enough money to take care of their medical needs.

For staying productive and mentally active

This is one of the biggest reasons some people give. They want to keep going until they are energetic. This is also a way to keep them energetic and mentally active. They don't want their body to feel that they are old and they have to rest and not go to work anymore. This way they also become a great motivation for others too. People who are young and energetic sometimes feel that they are not productive but when they look at these people who continue to stay energetic and mentally active even after retirement, they get the motivation and start pushing themselves.


No other option

They have to continue running their family. There would be situations where their young age would have not been pleasant and they would be the first earning member in the family. In that case, they have to keep going to run their family because they would have already provided a lot to the family and relatives. This mostly happens in the joint family system. This is when an individual has a responsibility to take care of multiple members of the family. In such cases usually, the youngsters who grow up take the responsibility on their shoulders but in families, there is no next generation or kids, the possibility is very less and the individuals end up working till they die.

Some people cannot take rest

Even though some companies offer retirement after a certain age and even though the government asks people to take rest after a certain age, some people cannot take rest. It is mostly because they are used to working and they find themselves crippled if they don't work every day. There are also some cases where people are more inclined towards managing others. They want to boss around people and continue contributing. It becomes a pride for them to continue working.

Even if they plan their retirement and plan to take a rest, they cannot sit idle in their retirement chair. They mostly start doing share market trading or start doing household work. They take care of their grandchildren and some people even take care of pet animals and they take it up as their duty to spend time with pets and take care of them. It absolutely depends on every individual and some people just cannot calm down without being productive.

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Old people want to do something else as they have more time already. But due to their age their strength also decreases.

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