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These days I find it hard to pick some good movies to watch. I hardly watch movies these days. Mostly because I'm usually busy with my projects. But recently I have started watching some recent movies with my wife. Sometimes we also choose some old movies to watch. Mostly good feel movies. This movie was recommended by @inuke. Thanks, man. I might need some more movie recommendations from you because we don't have anything on our list to watch as of now.

I don't know what to say but I had mixed feeling about this movie. When I started watching this movie, I felt that this was going to be one of the best historical adventure movies I don't know why but some scenes in the movie were the best and some scenes in the movie were not up to the mark. I should definitely say that it was a fun-filled experience. I would have expected to have some more logic in the movie. There were initially so many negative reviews about the movie but I don't see it to be that bad to call this negative.


Concept of the movie

I won't try and explain the story of the movie or the concept. I'm sure anyone can find the story in other articles online or even by watching the movie. I would like to talk more from my perspective. I personally felt that this was a good concept. Ram Sethu is one of the most used political topics in India and only after this was proved to be a man-made structure, people stopped using that as a political thing during their election speech. I don't know about North India but mostly in South India, it was a very sensitive topic. I'm not sure if the things shown in this movie are based on true events but mostly something similar happened before this case was fully closed.

I liked the concept of this movie and the way the story was narrated. For stories like these the characterization should be very good. I thought they did a good job of projecting the hero who sees Ram as just a Mythological character and not a historical person. Even though there is so much archeological evidence available to say that Ramayana and Mahabharatha are histories of this land, there are always people who would like to hide the facts and try to prove that it has never happened and hurt the believers.

More movies in a similar genre

I guess this is going to be the new trend but I like this trend. More movies in this genre that expose the real Indian History and the Indian facts are going to be great ones. Rajmouli films are already focusing on making movies based on history and Ponniyin selvan is also one good example of that. If we happen to see more and more historical movies, I guess it will be easier to show the real history to people than the false history or the unwanted history we read in our history books.

Tamil Poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar in one of his songs said that Sethu bridge should be elevated and a road should be constructed on top of that so that people can easily travel from India to Sri Lanka. From the history of Cholas, I think there was a strong commute that happened from Tanjore to Sri Lanka. Maybe if we want to find some truth about Ram Sethu, this Chola writings can also be a good source to find out.

This movie was good and a one-time watch for sure and I don't want to go into the details of the bad aspects of the movie and how things could have been better. Instead, I would like to welcome movies like these with some facts and figures about our ancient History so that everyone would feel good about the culture and tradition in India. We could even revive back what we lost.

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