Project Cheetah - Sad to see that second Cheetah died

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The Indian government took up an initiative recently to introduce Cheetah to India after it was extinct in India because of hunting. India used to have a lot of Cheetah and it was very good in flora and fauna. Due to excessive hunting, many species got extinct. There are still places all over the world where Hunting is a sport and they kill wild animals for fun. It can get political to talk about these but I don't like the fact that hunting other co-species on this planet to an extent where it becomes extinct.

I have read in my history books that hunting was a sport and many kings in India have done that in the recent Indian movie Kantara too they showed how hunting is happening even today in remote places. We have to accept the fact that hunting is reducing the wild animal population in many places. We don't have a way to get them back if the species goes completely extinct. I will maybe try to write my thoughts on endangered and extinct species in a different article.


Getting back to the topic, the Cheetah Project named the Cheetahs that were brought from Africa. The above image shows the names that were given to the Cheetahs. Among the 20 that were brought Sasha died last month. I guess that's not included in the above image. She was brought to India last year as part of the first batch.

Another Cheetah, Uday, that was brought from Africa recently died due to pulmonary failure. After the autopsy, the reports say that the Cheetah died because of overexertion. It looks like the Cheetah was in perfect health a day before and in fact, it had done a kill. But before even consuming the kill, it was dead because of overexertion. From many documentary videos, I have seen that there have been cases similar to this where a Cheetah even though very fast in running, they cannot run for long and they would end up killing themselves due to overexertion if they exhaust themselves too much. There have been cases recorded where Cheetahs die while trying to hunt. I see this as a very common thing.

One way of looking at it is that the Cheetah was having very good physical activity. But sad to see that it died because of overexertion without having any other underlying health issues. There is also another way to look at it. I started thinking that maybe this Project Cheetah is slowly seeing failures. But when I continued reading about this, I found out that there were also other cheetahs doing very well and recently one of the cheetahs also gave birth. Not just me but many people might have this thought probably.

We cannot say that the project is not going very well because two Cheetahs died. There can be several reasons for this and the first Cheetah was identified to have health issues even when it was in its own country land. We cannot say that it died failing to adapt to the new environment because the other Cheetahs are doing great. Any project similar to this would have all these hick ups and slowly and steadily this will become a success. I'm glad to see the country's fauna improving in spite of all the urbanization.

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