Powered up Leo on the occasion of Leo Power up day

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9 months ago
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I think this is the third time I'm participating in this Leo Power up day. The first time I was very excited but then the second time I was wondering if I should be participating or not. Now I think I should participate in supporting this initiative as long as I have some goals in mind. Right now I have a goal of reaching a minimum of 10k Leo power. I have not booked enough profit from Leo yet and maybe I might do it in the future.

Every month 15th is considered to be Leo power up day. On the 1st of every month, it is Hive power-up day. I have been participating in both. Only recently I started participating in Leo power-up day. As I said I would continue doing this until I reach my goals. The value of Leo concerns me, but hopefully, the team will come up with something that is beneficial for the Leo token holders.

As you can see I've powered a total of 386 LEO today on the occasion of LPUD. This is the total of my curation rewards and author rewards in the last 1 month. I actually did not write much last month and the rewards were also not very great. It is good that I got close to 60 LEO as curation rewards and the remaining all were author rewards.

I have delegated all my LEO to the @india-leo account to support manual curation efforts. I get a 100% reward share for delegating my Leo power to @india-leo. In addition to that, the community is also running a contest with the support of the Leo community. Every week there is a reward of 100 LEO in total up for grabs. Every individual gets an opportunity to earn 50 LEO for their posts and also bigger votes from the community. The contest is run by @finguru and supported by @leogrowth sponsored by the @leofinance team. Thanks to everyone.

Many people have lost their hopes of Leofinance because of high inflation but very less sink. There used to be burning of Leo tokens from the ad revenue Leofinance was getting. That has also stopped now. I wish they think about bringing it back again so that inflation can be controlled a little bit. Hopefully, the price of Leo tokens tank a little better so that investors can feel happy about it. We are already losing many investors there.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

Vote @balaz as a Hive Witness
Vote @kanibot as a Hive Engine Witness

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