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10 months ago

The 15th of every month is celebrated as Leo Power up day. This is a concept that was popular for Hive where we celebrate the 1st of every month as a Hive power-up day. After that, we are having this concept of Leo Power up day and this is the second month this is happening. I'm glad to be participating in this. Last month I powered up a decent amount of Leo on this date and today again I participated and powered up a decent amount of LEO.

As you can see, I powered up a total of 424 Leo today. This is the combination of Leo I earned in the last one month from Author rewards and curation rewards. I have delegated all my LEO power to the @india-leo account for a 100% reward share. So I keep getting rewards from my delegation every single day. In addition to that, you might have noticed that I write my articles mostly through the Leofinance user interface, and mostly it will be finance-related articles. I write every single day and that gained me some Leo too. Some days the rewards are very good and some days the rewards are not that great.

I'm glad that 424 Leo is something that I'm able to make every month. I believe anything close to 500 LEO per month is definitely a good one I should say. I will mostly be participating in the next Leo power-up day as well and see how it goes. Hopefully, the rewards should be higher next month.

I have delegated all the powered-up Leo to the @india-leo account again. My stake is getting close to 9k now. I had a goal in my mind to reach at least a minimum of 10k Leo power before the end of the year but I guess If this goes like this, I might as well be able to reach 15k Leo power before the end of the year. Yeah, sometimes it also makes me feel that staying invested in Leo is not a good idea. Many whales are also doing their exit plan and the price of Leo is also dropping. But it would be motivating and nice if the price of Leo goes up again. I still remember the days when Leo's price was very good.

I'm still staying invested in spite of all the loss I had from the CUB investment. But hopefully, the team focus more on increasing the value of existing tokens instead of introducing more tokens and complicating everything. Earlier burning Leo with the ad revenue was also a very good strategy but they stopped it. The supply of Leo keeps going high every single day with no proper sink. Assuming that the user base would increase and many people would keep buying Leo is not happening. To be realistic, when there is supply I think there should also be multiple sinks. Hopefully, the team will understand this someday.

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