Potential change in the APR of HBD good or bad?

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3 months ago

The hive ecosystem is full of so many opportunities. We have Hive and HBD as the native tokens and apart from that there are also several other tokens on Hive with the possibility of Hive Engine. With the help of these tokens, many opportunities are being explored and new games and applications are coming into existence. People looked at Hive and HBD as the most important asset in this ecosystem and especially HBD was better because it was giving 20% APR to the investors.

This was one of the biggest selling points for onboarding new users to the Hive ecosystem. No other blockchain provides such a huge APR for holding a stablecoin. There has been a discussion going on for a very long time that 20% is huge for the APR and it need not necessarily be 20 percent. Some of the top witnesses have decided to lower the APR and most people think that 12 % should be a fair value. There are many people going for the change and there are many people going against this.

I personally think that 20% was definitely a good one because especially for investors from India, people can get 14% after paying 30% taxes to the government. If the APR is lowered, I personally don't think anyone would be interested in staying invested for a 12% APR in HBD because in the real world, there are other investments that can give close to 7 or 8 % and people would prefer using a traditional way to keep their investments. There are some investment schemes in the real world that offer APR up to 10 percent and also in a safe way.

With the current tokenomics, there is no report as of now to say that 20% APR has done any harm to the ecosystem. We do have reports as to how people are willing to keep their money in the form of HBD in savings to get that 20% APR. This has only increased in the last few years. I was personally able to onboard some new users showing them the attractive 20% APR that HBD provides and they have invested some HBD. If the APR is lowered, there is a high chance that they might withdraw and take it out to the real world for a traditional investment instead of a crypto investment.

I used to have a huge amount of HBD in savings and a few months back I converted them to Hive to make use of the opportunity to purchase Hive at a lower price. I might still consider bringing in some funds to HBD savings to get the 20% APR back. But in my humble opinion, if the current APR is not doing any harm to the tokenomics, I would recommend keeping the APR as it is and if any negative effect is found, it can be further lowered. Even in that case, 15 percent can be a good value to consider.

I'm not in the top 20 witness and the percentage that I set is not going to make any difference but I'm going to keep it as 20% for now and would like to observe how it goes. Later I will consider lowering the percentage if I see a valid reason and that would be 15%. I wish the other witnesses reconsider this because I personally have used this as a selling point to bring people here to stay invested.

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