Playing Splinterlands after a long time

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3 months ago

In the last two days, I have started playing Splinterlands. The gameplay looks very different for someone who is playing after almost 2 years. I was keeping my account idle and mostly using the rental markets. The rewards from the rental markets were not very great and I thought I should start playing again. Apart from that I also thought it should be good to stay in touch with the game if I'm going to stay invested for a long time.

The last two days were amazing playing the game whenever I find time. I have found out the best time to play the game. Mostly whenever I'm in a meeting or something, I would only be listening and I will not have anything else to do. I thought why not utilize that time to play the game and stay up to date? I started the game by understanding what the new changes are and what the season-end rewards look like.

It did take me some time to first understand and move to the next level. I had to play almost 50 games on my first day to reach higher levels. I noticed that these days it is not an Energy capture rate. Earlier the energy used to deplete and we have to hard stop at a point to not lose the SPS rewards we get from the game. But with the new mechanics, I guess we can purchase energy and keep playing the game. For every 25 energy purchases with DEC, there is a small increase in the price which I think is not a big deal for people who are desperate about playing the game.

I really like this new approach where the players can actually decide when to stop playing the game and if they would like to keep going, they can keep going. Earlier no matter if they want to play, they cannot play because it would reduce the reward for them. I guess the current changes are very good and interesting for the players.

One of the other tough things I had was to advance from one level to another level. It took me a while to advance. The reason was because there were so many new cards and the abilities were also different. I couldn't understand some of the abilities. I had to play a few games to understand how the new abilities worked. Some abilities were too good and some abilities were tricky. But it definitely added a strategy element to the game.

I always used to wonder how they end up bringing stats for these many cards they issue but based on the abilities the permutations and combinations differ and I believe they have so many other abilities and stats they can accommodate and come up with many new cards. Strategy is what makes this game interesting. Though the tasks are repetitive, for every game, we have to strategize very well. So it becomes the most interesting thing.

Above are the rewards I received from the game for playing the game yesterday. Nothing special about these cards though. I guess they were just 4 normal cards. But these new focus chests are very good. Earlier it used to be daily chests but the current focus chests are also something similar and change is always good right?

My second-day experience was even more great and I was able to advance faster. I don't know what the season-end rewards would look like but as long as it is better than the DEC I can get from the rental market, I guess it is all good. I have to also see what my ranking looks like after a season is over. That is also a grey area for me. Overall my game experience was awesome and it is still very addicting to play the game. If I start playing the game it keeps going for an hour or more than that.

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