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A few days back I remembered this movie called Bicentennial Man. This movie used to be something amazing for me during my childhood. When I was watching movies at a young age, this movie did disturb me a lot. I used to wonder that we might move towards something like this in the future. I did not expect Robots to do our daily work too soon. It can take a few more decades but I was thinking in a different perspective.

We have machine learning now and AI already. What if every individual starts getting an AI assistant with them similar to how we are having a mobile phone with us? The use case of this personal AI assistant would be to help us out in doing our activities. One of the important things that this can do is to have conversations with individuals and make them feel better.


A talking companion

I used to wonder that with the help of AI, we can create a talking companion for people. Especially people who have nobody around them and those who would like to pass their time can have their AI assistant with them to talk with them. Personal chatting is already available in GPT-3 and would even have advanced chatting features in GPT-4 as well. It should be in such a way that the AI assistant should be able to remember what people are talking to it and based on the AI and ML, it should be able to give the replies back.

This will create a great feeling and especially for older people who would like to spend their time with someone real, this can be a great experience for them. Even though they know they are talking to a machine, sometimes it can even be made in such a way that they are talking to a real person because the AI assistant should keep learning from what information is being fed to it.


Just like mobile phone

It will be great if the AI assistant can be inside the mobile phone or as an additional device that is capable of storing all the data about our interaction. I understand that recoding the information can sometimes be sensitive but for the remembrance sake, it is possible that whatever we talk to someone can be recorded and even processed to create a virtual member for us outside our head. Some information about ourselves will not be readily available in our brains. But if we can train our assistant and make it answer questions on behalf of us, it would be great.

About 2 decades back, nobody would have thought that every individual would be carrying a mobile phone and that mobile phones would create a huge dependency. People were able to live without a mobile phone but today it is very hard to live without a mobile phone. A personal assistant bot can also happen in the future and who knows it might even get integrated with our brain functions. It is amazing to think about all these technological advancements.

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