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6 months ago

This is the 6th time people are participating in Leo Power Up day. This time I did not power up much as I have already reached my goal of 10k Leo power. I'm glad that I have reached a point now and I wouldn't be investing much for some time and might start booking some profits. The price of Leo has also pumped in the last few days which is a great thing. I'm not sure if Leo power up day caused this pump or just the price of Leo doing this.

Currently, my focus is on increasing my SPS and getting more rewards in the form of GLX tokens. I did not focus on LEO this month. I even sold the liquid tokens I earned from blogging and converted them to Hive. It was not much but it helps. I'm planning to do the same for some more time until I book enough profits from Leo. I'm glad that the price of LEO is also very good right now providing a decent opportunity to book profits. Maybe I might buy it back when the price falls down again.

The above screenshot shows the price of LEO and Hive at the time of writing this article. Maybe the price of LEO is still the same but it looks higher on the Hive engine because the price of Hive is low. That could be the reason. Anyways it is good to see it has a decent pump. In addition to that, the above screenshot also shows that I now have 10k LEO in total which was also one of my goals for the year. I'm glad that I have completed reaching 10k LEO and anything I earn going forward would be my profit booking for some time until I start working on my next set of goals.

I did not do big power-ups this month. Last month I got a chance to do bigger power-ups and I also earned some LEO power delegations from people for doing the same. This month I did not do bigger power-ups. I was saving up only the curation rewards I received for my LEO power and I used only that to power up. I did not use any of my author rewards. I had over 200 LEO that I earned from author rewards. I was initially thinking of powering up that too but then thought I should stop at some point and start booking some profits for a while and then continue later.

The Leofinance team is also working hard and taking some initiatives to keep the show running. Many tribes have already lost value but LEO seems to look intact. Let's wait for more innovations and new features that would pump the price further up.

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