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Splinterlands is still one of the best games on Hive. This is from both a fun perspective as well as an investment I suppose. This is one of the games in the entire blockchain space with a decent player base. People use this as an investment platform or a gaming platform. That is the beauty of the game. Those who don't have time to play the game regularly can invest in this game by purchasing cards and renting them out in the market for the other players to play and earn from the game.

Due to my other commitments, I stopped playing Splinterlands on Hive and I'm actually not actively playing any games on Hive except for Rising Star. I thought of quitting by selling my assets and booking my profits but then after the rental system was introduced, I have been earning some passive income from the game by renting out my cards. I showcase my earnings report every month to trigger some motivation in individuals who are planning to invest in splinterlands and also for individuals who are staying invested here.

Rental income in the form of DEC

The rental markets give a decent amount of DEC as passive income. There are services available that can automatically manage our rentals and adjust the price accordingly whenever required. I calculate my rental income once a month and see if it is significant. Compared to the last few months, the rental income has drastically reduced. I know the reason for this. The need for old Splinterlands cards is getting lower. The reason is that there are the latest cards available for cheap rentals that have better stats probably.

Comparing my earnings from last month, I have received around 5000 DEC less than last month. I still think the earnings are similar. Considering the fact that Splinterlands introduced a fee for listing updates, some of my DEC goes there, and in addition to that the price of DEC has also improved a bit because of burning. This is another factor to justify that the rental earnings are still okay. I'm going to be holding my DEC and waiting for the peg value to reach and then book my profits. I know many people are also planning to do the same but I'm sure with all the burning that is happening, the price of DEC would improve a lot. The reason is that there is no supply but more burning opportunities available.

SPS earnings from Diesel pool

Diesel pools are another passive income opportunity for earning in Splinterlands. I have been holding my DEC for a very long time now. The main reason is to book some profits later when the price has improved. We are all waiting for the bull market to come back or good times for Splinterlands to come back. When that happens the price of all the assets will improve I believe. For now, accumulating more DEC and SPS is good.

The liquidity pool earnings are the same as last month. I understand and did not expect it to increase because I did not add more DEC to the pool last month. I wasn't sure how the impermanent loss would world and did not want to add more DEC to the pool. I also wanted to see if the price improves a little bit so that I can book some profits. In addition to that, I thought maybe I could also buy some new edition cards from the market for a good deal. I have claimed the SPS from the Liquidity pool and have moved them to my SPS stake. I have a goal of reaching 100k SPS. That goal is also going to be completed soon.

I usually take a screenshot of the Liquidity pool once a month for the sake of bookkeeping. I noticed that some of the Pools have not done very well in the last month. I don't know if I should still leave them as it is or take the money out and invest them elsewhere.

Finally, I wanted to check my account worth from the sm-voter bot. From what I see the value of the account is tanking a bit more compared to all the other assets I would say. Hopefully, this keeps staying like this and when the bull run starts, the price should improve.

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