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3 months ago

In the last two months, I have again started keeping track of my publish0x stats. I like this platform and I have been contributing to this platform for a few years now. Every time I write an article on Hive, I cross-post the same article to Publish0x for the readers on Publish0x to read it. Hive is an amazing platform to earn crypto by writing articles and playing games. Similarly, Publish0x is another platform that pays people crypto for writing articles and for contributing to the platform. The earnings from the platform are not very huge but it definitely is good to contribute to multiple platforms.

There are people who come to know about Publish0x for the very first time and they don't know about any other blogging platforms usually. For such people, this is a good platform to learn about Hive. Even for people who are starting their journey on Hive, Publish0x is also a good start. The main reason why Publish0x is very popular is because their SEO is very strong and they attract lots of ad revenue with the help of their platform. Reviewing my account growth and the rewards I get on this platform is definitely fun and I'm happy to see something happening even though the rewards are very small.

Compared to last month, I have received close to 24 new followers to my account. This is definitely a good thing and hopefully, I get some new followers to make me reach 1k followers in total. Having many readers is definitely a good thing right? It not only increases the earning opportunity but we can also be sure that there will be many followers reading our articles and when we share something, it will reach many people. The above image also shows the rewards I have received so far from Publish0x. The value keeps changing based on the market condition and it is not mostly the same value.

The crypto market did not do well in the last month and that can be one of the major reasons why the rewards are a little low. It is not just here but everywhere else too. But I'm very glad that the other stats are looking very good. I have received more views on my posts compared to last month's stats and there are also more likes on my posts. Only the earnings are small comparitively but it is also okay I guess.

More than just earning from this platform, people visit this platform a lot to read more articles here. There are some interesting articles now and then and it helps the readers get some food for thought. I personally have learned a lot by reading articles on this platform. There are some professional bloggers writing the best content over here. It is usually a practice where the token rewards on this platform keep changing from time to time. Now I guess it is again time to change the token for them and the rewards are going to be on a new token.

There is a green banner available on the top of the website that provides this information. Like everyone else, I also had this question as to what happens to people who have not yet withdrawn their earnings, as usual The value will be calculated and it will be distributed to the users in the new token now. There is a window available where people if they want to withdraw their tokens can still do it. I did not care much about it and I'm just going to welcome the change and see what I can do later.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

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