My Leofinance goals for 2021

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I see many people sharing their goals for 2021 and they also cover how much they achieve every month to reach their goal. This was a little interesting for me. I always wanted to do something similar for my earnings as well. Setting up a goal and working towards achieving them is good because we will have a target for ourselves and we can work hard towards achieving them.

I have some goals in my mind for both Hive and other Hive Engine tokens. In this article, I would like to take the opportunity to share my Leofinance goals. We all know the potential of Leofinance and how far it can make us grow in the future. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to stay invested in Leofinance. I have been powering up all the Leo tokens I earn through blogging and curation.

I have all my Leo tokens staked in the account @bala-leo. That is my Leo account I curate from that account. I don't post anything through that account but I send all my earnings to that account and keep that account growing.

My target for 2021

I'm already close to 4500 LP. Before the end of 2021, I wanted to become a Leo "Tiger" in terms of Leo stake. Tiger is the status we get on Leofinance discord for having 5000 Leo Power. I have been pushing myself very hard towards that. I did not purchase any Leo tokens for now but have been saving all the tokens I have been earning.

Today when I looked at the price of Leo tokens, I was even wondering if I should be purchasing some Leo tokens for a cheap price and power it up. But then I wanted to control my emotions and take this slow. I can technically purchase Leo from the market with my Hive and power it up to reach 5000 LP instantly but I wanted to take it slow and steady because I have other coins as well to focus on.

At the end of 2021, I want my Leo power to be above 5000. Unlike many authors here, I don't have big whale friends with good Leo stakes to vote my posts frequently and help me achieve the goal. But I'm really glad that at least some of my posts get a decent vote now and then giving me motivation.

Another good thing about Leo is that the price is not fully dependent on Hive and the price of Hive tokens. As Leo is listed on few other blockchains the price of Leo tokens is dependent on two other chains such as BSC and ETH as well apart from Hive. Even if someday the price of Hive is crashing down, Leo will not be affected so much because there will be traders from other chains as well to keep the price stable.

I'm still not sure what I would like to do after I have reached my goals. I was thinking I should move some Leo tokens after reaching 5000 LP to cub to have a nice growth on Cubfinance as well. I have already invested a lot in Cubfinance but I would like to do even further to earn more passive income that I can spend on other things later.

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