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My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report | SPS is my new goal

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3 weeks ago

Last week I was able to do the weekly progress report on Monday only but today I was able to remember and write it. But mostly there was only 4 days gap in between. I'm sure there would have been decent progress in some of my goals. I would like to share the details.

We have now started getting rewards in Hive these days because of the printing threshold. This is also a good thing. Instead of converting HBD to power up Hive, I guess I can directly power up the Hive I get from the post rewards. It was a great week and I'm sure there should have been decent progress. I'm planning to add a new goal this week. Let's continue with the article.

25,000 Hive Power

Every week, I'm getting very close to the goal. I guess in another two more weeks, I will mostly be done with this goal. I have less than 300 Hive to reach my goal which will happen in another two more weeks if I'm not wrong. Let's check my progress from last week.

The earning from posting was close to 100 USD and the daily curation reward is also pretty decent. I would like to see it touch 100$ per week and later close to 1000$ per month. I understand that I need to have enough HP for that to happen. Let's see. In addition to the Hive rewards from posting and curation, I would also like to increase my stake in Hive in the form of HBD as well. I have been staking some HBD every month to the savings for the 10% interest. I would like to keep growing it until I reach my financial independence.

2500 STEM Power, 2500 CTP Power, 500 CUB and 1000 POB stake

I have been writing a few articles on the STEMGeeks community recently. I have to increase my frequency a little bit but I'm glad that I was able to write some articles there. I'm also planning to have an account exclusively for technical blogs so that I can also make use of the STEM power I have earned so far to curate posts in that category.

CTP is a bit challenging for me so far. I guess when the focus on other goals is done, I might have to purchase some CTP manually to complete this goal. It is hard to earn CTP easily in spite of me posting articles relevant to that topic.

CUB earnings have reduced last week. The leofinance team has introduced IDO which has closed earnings from CUB - BUSD pool. I was able to see that in the finished tab. I have withdrawn those tokens and still thinking about what I should be doing with that money. I might have to invest it in something or cash out. I heard that some people took that money and invested in LEO as the price of LEO is also pretty cheap right now. I might soon reach the goal of 500 CUB tokens and fully focus on other things.

POB revenue is pretty decent and some of my articles are getting decent visibility. Though the revenue is not more than 5 POB per post, I guess I have to do something about that as well. As of now, I'm happy with my progress and I think I will be able to achieve the goal before the end of the year. Let's see how it goes.

SPS is my new goal

After the recent announcement from Splinterlands, I have been thinking about staking SPS to an extent where I will be getting decent vouchers per day. My idea is to have 12k SPS staked so that it can be profitable in the future as well. It is expected that there will be more perks from Splinterlands if we stake more SPS. 12k seems to be a good deal for me because I already have reached 9k SPS by staking all the SPS I have been getting as of now. 60 days have been elapsed and we still have 10 more months to go. Let me add that to my goals list.

This week's goal status

This is the interesting part where we see the actual numbers and when I complete this final piece in the post, I will feel excited about it.

The above table looks pretty good. Hopefully, I will be adding some new goals soon and make this look even better.

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Written by   32
3 weeks ago
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