My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report

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2 months ago

I currently have 3 solid goals for this year on Hive. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of opportunities on Hive but I don't want to dream big and wanted to take it slow. The more stake we have the more passive income we can get. This has been my strategy. There are so many projects where we could invest and gain good passive income. Some projects have a solid model that has use cases in the real world and some projects are still building.

Some projects like UTOPIS started really well but did not go as expected. The good thing is that at least some people are able to quit the project because the founder is buying back his own coins from the market. I see some solid opportunities on Hive and would like to stay invested for a long time here. Hopefully, in another few years, my stake in Hive should be sufficient to reach financial stability.

100k Hive Power

This is one of the biggest goals I currently have for 2023. I'm not sure if this is a realistic goal or not. I'm going to calculate it based on my Hive power on multiple accounts I hold. My Hive witness is giving me some Hive power as producer rewards, that's one good thing in addition to that I have been growing my Hive power in the form of content writing. I'm not sure if 100k Hive power is a realistic value because I'm currently having only half of that. My focus right now is on so many things on the blockchain but I still want to push myself toward this.

Author rewards and curation rewards are still one of the primary sources of income for me on Hive to increase my Hive power. After the price of Hive went down the earnings have also reduced. I still continue to write every single day and I think my growth is consistent.

10k HBD

I was thinking that I should be pursuing at least a minimum of 50 HBD per week toward my goals. I don't know if that's a big number or a small one. Apart from the trading I do at times, maybe trying to find some HBD every week should be okay I guess. Even if it is not 50 HBD, I would like to push as much as I can to save.

I'm keeping my HBD in the @balaz account and have been slowly accumulating some HBD whenever I get a chance. I was fortunate to spend 500 HBD to stake recently. I'm confident that I should be able to complete my goal of reaching 10k HBD in savings before the end of the year. But I'm greedy as always for good reasons. I think 10k HBD alone is not going to be enough if I want to reach financial freedom. Let's see how I can make things better for me.

100k SPS

This is also an easy goal for me for 2023. This is a goal that I had for 2022 and have carried it forward to 2023 as I wanted to take it slow. The price of SPS is not looking good but maybe at some point Splinterlands would stop introducing new coins and start finding ways to improve the price of existing coins. DEC and SPS are the primary coins right now. Hopefully, they should find ways to increase the value of both.

I have been selling my GLX tokens to get Hive and have been using that Hive to purchase SPS. This I think should be sufficient enough to increase my SPS to 100k. After I reach 100k SPS, I'm planning to start booking my profits. I'm not interested in accumulating anything over 100k SPS. I just want to see how my 100k SPS is performing. That's all.

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