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My Hive Goals - Weekly Progress Report

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1 month ago

I'm guessing it was a slow week and my rewards from the posts were not that great. But as always it was definitely a motivating week pushing me more towards my financial independence goal. We need a few more things similar to Splinterlands to push us more towards our goals. Having 100 different investments and expecting passive income from 100 different things is always good. Projects inside Hive are all a great opportunity for that.

I was thinking that maybe having a 1000 $ stake value on 100 different things and trying to grow it little by little can be a good move towards financial independence. But for all these things a small investment might be required. That is when we have to focus on certain areas alone and channel the income from that area to the other areas. In the last two months, I have started channeling my income to other different investments to make sure it is all diversified. Setting up goals is also very good to keep the investment in multiple places and look for a good profit.

27,000 Hive Power

Hive Power is always my first growing revenue. The potential of Hive is undoubtedly great and after it became a platform where people can build things on top of this, the opportunities are enormous. Coming to this goal, I'm really very confident about reaching the goal of 27k Hive power. I might as well reach more than that in the coming months. Not just splinterlands but all the opportunities that we currently have in the crypto world is making my Hive Power goal very interesting. I'm having the confidence that I can easily push my revenue from the other places to Hive Power.

I'm able to see that the author rewards have reduced drastically last week compared to the previous week. The previous week it was around 108 USD and this week it is only 56 USD which is almost half what I got as author rewards last week. I'm guessing that the author rewards next week can also be quite low comparatively. But yeah that's okay and as long as it keeps growing, I'm happy about it.

2500 STEM Power and 1000 POB stake

I have completed almost all other goals and am even ready to take up some new goals as well. But I'm planning to take it a bit slow. So, this week there are no new goals on my list. I still have to achieve these two goals. I'm guessing both are easily doable and I see good progress already on them. POB stake is growing very well and the STEM power is also growing decently if I write a good STEM article.

The voucher earnings are also pretty good. I was thinking that I should be selling all my vouchers but I recently joined a pool and making plans to purchase at least a minimum of 100 packs. I guess that should be sufficient to get some decent returns. I already purchased some CL packs on Hive engine with an intention to trade them but it appears that the FOMO was only for the first day. For now, I'm holding the Vouchers and going to accumulate 100 Vouchers. Let's see how it goes.

BEE tokens are the new craze. I might soon set up a new goal to have some BEE stake.

This week's goal status

I have less than 1000 STEM remaining to complete my goal and less than 260 POB to complete my goal. I don't even worry about my Hive Power goal because I have confidence that I can even power up a little more Hive to complete the goal before the end of the year.

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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