My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report

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Another week has passed and I'm really excited to share my weekly progress again. This week, I'm planning to add an additional goal for the year. I recently started admiring STEM tokens and I'm also planning to write more STEM-related articles. At least articles that are related to some coding stuff or technology related. I usually make STEM-related articles from my @balaz account. I have reserved that account for coding-related articles.

It is a shame that I'm writing only once a month or something from that account. But I'm thinking of increasing the consistency. At least once a week to start with and slowly improve it to more than once a week. At the same time, I also write articles on Stemgeeks from my main account as well. Hopefully, I will try to improve my consistency in writing. Last week was very good I was able to also power up some Leo tokens on the occasion of Leo Power Up day. In addition to that my regular goals are still progressing.

50k Hive Power

This is still my very active goal. I'm really tempted to purchase some Hive from the market and push myself towards 50k sooner than planned. But I control my emotions and make sure I do it slow and steady. I don't think the rate at which I'm going, I may not be able to reach 50k Hive power so soon. Probably I might need some extra push. Hopefully, the coming month should be good for that and I'm planning to do some extra work to keep up the spirit.

The above stats look cool again. I was able to get over 100$ last week as author rewards. That is again pretty decent. But as usual, I don't think I can rely on that alone for my financial independence but that will definitely help I believe. I have to work hard to improve my curation rewards further. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I think I should be able to reach at least 50$ per week as curation rewards and gradually 100$ per week towards the end of next year or even sooner.

100k SPS

This goal is slowing down. I'm not even progressing at speed I want it to be. But I'm sure there is still time. My DEC is slowly picking up speed. I want to see DEC pegged back to the original value of 1000 DEC per dollar so that I can make use of that to swap to SPS. I'm saving all the DEC I have been getting from the rental income. I have not planned to sell them anytime soon. This is the buying period for splinterlands where all the asset values are going down a little bit. Once they come up with something the price will start picking up once again.

Last time it was only 349 SPS that I powered up but this time it looks like I have around 400 SPS to power up. This can be a good growth but still, I have not reached the speed that would be required to help me reach 100k SPS soon.

10000 STEM

This is going to be my new goal going forward. Currently, I have been holding my STEM tokens mostly on my @balaz account and that is where I write STEM-related articles. My STEM curation had not been that great but I'm planning to write more on the STEMGeeks community in the future. I have delegated all my STEM power to the @balaz account. I still have to make changes to my voting pattern on that account. It is a slow process. Let's see how it goes. For now, 10k STEM will be my next big goal for the year. Let's see how it goes.

I currently have somewhere close to this which is not even 5k yet. I have to double my stake before the end of the year. It is going to be really interesting one. Let's see how it goes.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

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Wow congratulations my friend. I have an account in Hive also. I published there sometimes too. The Hive platform is really great also.

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