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My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report

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2 months ago

This is the very first week after I set my goals last week. I'm very excited to share my progress in this post. I have been continuously trying to stay active on the chain to increase my rewarding possibilities. As always I write articles every day not mostly for the rewards but for the sake of keeping the consistency. The rewards from posts have reduced these days compared to the past but I still manage to write at least a minimum of one article per day.

In my observation, I noticed that I will be able to complete my goals. If I complete any of the goals sooner than expected, I will add a new goal to my list and keep going. Sharing my goals and details becomes a great motivation for me. Let's get started.

25,000 Hive Power

I guess there was a decent growth in my Hive value compared to last week because of consistent writing and rewards. Last week the curation rewards were stuck because of the new HF and this week, the rewards have stabilized and have started coming our way. I think it should be easier to reach the goal of 25k Hive power before the end of this year.

I think the above image says it all. It is the stats for the last one week. This is the first time ever I'm seeing my weekly stats on Hive. Looks like I have been earning a decent value from Curation rewards than the author rewards in spite of me writing every single day. But I'm glad to see the progress happening.

5500 Leo Power

I initially thought I should slow down a little bit in increasing my Leo power because I'm already close to reaching my goal or I don't see this as a tough target. But then I thought I will power up all I earn so that I can complete this goal sooner and probably set a new goal for the coming months before the end of this year.

If you look at the stats, you can see that the progress for a week was very great. My posts on LeoFinance also had a decent earning in the last week. So, I'm confident that I will be able to complete this goal sooner than expected.

2500 STEM Power

This is a little bit tricky goal. I can only achieve this goal if I write articles on STEM user interface consistently. Last week I was able to write 2 articles and that gave a decent payout but definitely, it is not going to be enough. I have to increase my number of articles on STEM so as to get better rewards. This can be a tricky challenge but let me see how it goes.

2500 CTP Power

This is again a challenging task I believe. I know I have set only a small value as a goal and I believe it is doable before the end of this year. But most probably I'm planning to fulfill this goal only by purchasing more CTP from the market. I guess that's how I will be able to increase my stake there. Otherwise writing articles and getting CTP rewards from the articles is going to be a slight challenge for me. Let's see.

1000 POB stake

I initially underestimated this goal. I thought it could be easy to reach 1000 POB in no time by consistently posting articles with POB tags. But it appears that there has to be someone with a decent stake to welcome my article and reward it. The growth of the POB stake was not very great in the last week. Let's see how it goes in the coming weeks.

This week's goal status

Overall I guess the progress was very good. I have kept the data from last week safe so that I can use the same excel sheet to track the data every week and how far I progress.

I'm quite happy with the above data. I guess the goal for Leo power will be completed soon and followed by that Hive power. But who knows there can be some miracles and the other goals can also start getting attention soon. After I complete the Leo goal, I might plan about using those earnings to complete the other goals.

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Written by   30
2 months ago
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