My DEC earnings from Splinterlands

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1 year ago

For the past few months, I have been documenting my DEC earnings from the Splinterlands game. I have been renting out my cards on Splinterlands. I stopped playing the game long back due to time constraints. Thanks to rental schemes where I'm able to rent out my cards even if I'm not playing. Otherwise, my cards would sit idle. Maybe I would have even sold my cards if there was no rental option. Glad that this option is available and I'm able to get some passive income every month.

The rental income happens every day but I calculate the total amount I received in a month's time and report that towards the start of a new month. Compared to the last two months the DEC rewards are going to be lesser. The reason is that earlier the Liquidity pool rewards were in the form of DEC tokens but now the Liquidity pool rewards are in the form of SPS tokens. So the overall DEC earnings from the rental are going to be less. But I'm sure it is pretty decent for a passive income.

Compared to the last two months, the rewards were very less I would say. It is not even close to 50$. I still remember days when I used to get over 100 dollar worth of DEC from the rental market. Gone are those days. Especially after CL packs were introduced, there was enough circulating supply of cards and that reduced the demand for old cards. But I should say that it was not very bad either.

I talked about booking profits in my last article. I'm going to be booking profits from this month onwards. I'm thinking of selling all the DEC I earn as rental income. I think that would be best compared to just holding. Maybe it can be a good argument to say that I should wait for the price of DEC to improve and book my profits after that but anyways the amount I'm selling is going to be very less so I thought I shouldn't wait for the bull run to return and start booking my profits now itself. I will probably push some of my DEC holdings to Diesel pools again and book profits on the remaining.

I guess the liquidity pool rewards were also not very great. I did not even get 1000 SPS in a month whereas I get more than 1000 SPS from staking rewards based on how much I have staked. But yeah the amount of DEC I have in the liquidity pool also matters. But the main reason why I wanted to continue having this was because I wanted to diversify my holdings. Glad that I'm holding different types of income streams.

I have also been taking a screenshot of my Diesel pool positions. I guess that's also good for documenting purposes. Above are my Diesel pool positions right now and hopefully, it is giving me a decent income. The overall value is looking good but I want to see how it looks when the market condition improves.

Above is my account worth. I have also been taking a snapshot of my account worth every month. Looks like the value has reduced by 2k$ in the last month. I guess the price of Hive could be one of the reasons. Splinterlands has provided a great tool to check this out through discord. The value has been continuously going down. Hopefully, it should recover back when the bear market is over and the bull run starts. We might also need good times from the splinterlands side for the asset value to improve.

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It's understandable that your rewards in $ value of DEC have dropped, just as the whole market really. I've heard of Diesel pools, but never tried them. Where can one find these?

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